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Be On Guard—It's Time to Pray!

MovingMountainsMy friends, I was preparing a much different post when God showed me something more urgent that needs to be shared right now. As I shared in my weekend post, God's been speaking to me about "the many" again. You can go back and read that post here.

I said that something is coming. Here is what God shared with me: 

"A great wave is coming. Many souls to be claimed and collected. Watch and see. My heart is always for the many."

I'll be honest and say I struggled a bit with that word "collected" and wonder if I heard correctly, but what I feel led to say today is that the battle has intensified. The enemy sees that God is moving things in much larger scale than before and he's fighting back. Many of you are finding yourself in more discord and strife than in weeks past. Many are sharing they feel their prebeliever has taken a step backward.

What I want to tell you, what I sense from Abba's heart is this. Don't give up! Don't stop hoping in Jesus and don't stop believing His promises. The many will come. He has said so. Trust Him like you never have before. The battle may seem fierce but we must remember who we are, that we are Abba's children uniquely called and qualified for this calling. 

Will we give up now? Will be leave our armor in a pile and walk away? Will we walk away when the workers are so few and the harvest is great? (Go here to read about the dream God gave me about the Great Harvest).

God is stepping things up, so of course the enemy is too. Now is the time that we need our armor even more and need to speak what we know to be true out loud! Claim the promises and believe. Abba will not let us down, my friends. I know it's not easy, but the enemy has already lost and I choose to walk in that truth!

Let's not walk in the disillusion of defeat that the enemy is trying to force upon us but in the truth of the victory that is already ours! With Jesus we can do ALL things, remember? 

Abba, we are your daughters and sons and we believe in You! We believe in Your promises. We believe the battle is already won. Holy Spirit, pour out your presence and fill us to overflowing. Fill us with greater faith, strength and wisdom. Lord Jesus, send a mighty army of Your warring angels to guard over the SUMites, every one of us. Abba, I ask that You give us a special affirmation of Your presence and comfort. 

Holy Spirit, give us words to pray, strength to pray them and more faith to believe! We are so close. So close! Don't let us judge the battle by what we see. Help us to persevere in what we know to be true, that God is good, God is in control, God is equipping us even as we pray this, and He will redeem every hurt, pain and tear.

In Your most powerful and mighty name we pray, Jesus, amen!

Love you all so very, very much, my fellow SUMites. I am praying for you constantly!


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