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The Statistics Aren't Good... But Our God IS.. Thoughts?

So I’ve been pondering Father’s Day that looms on Sunday. I have felt compelled in my spirit to write about Father’s Day and have waited for God to prompt me. Well, today one of our SUMites posted some statistics on her FB page which really moved my heart. I want to share it with you and let’s have a discussion here. 

Before we jump into that discussion however, I think we need to cover this conversation with love and respect. We must keep it clearly in our minds that our spouses don’t “get it.” They don’t have the wisdom, the knowledge, the Holy Spirit to help them in our marriages and in parenting. I know that a discussion like this can stir up our memories and thoughts to find every conceivable wrong and short-coming in our husbands. So, let’s just no go there. 

Let’s remain focused on what believing mothers bring to the family and faith of our children.


Alisa wrote:

Well, it's that time of year again...around Father’s Day we hear a sermon about how important fathers are, and they are. And inevitably, the statistics roll...70+% of children who go to church with only their mother will not stay in church as adults....I remember hearing it one year and gripping the seat in front of me to keep from standing up in the middle of the sermon and shouting that it would not be that way for my children, I envisioned locking eyes of the other women who sat alone in the sanctuary, we would all rally together, and stand against that statistic.... 

Yet I just sat there in silence. 

I sat there because I know too well that the statistic is true. I watch as women who have walked this lonely road before me pray for their adult children who have turned from the Lord. With all the Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, VBSs and youth camps, no matter what I do I am fighting an uphill battle, with a 30% success rate....the weight of their father's influence is powerful. So...I will ponder this today....and try to remember that even with all I try to do, all I really can do is turn them over to the Lord and trust Him for their best.... — with Dineen A. Miller and Lynn Donovan. 

This was my response:

Alisa, I'm standing with you today. I dispute that statistic too. I know that with the love of God lavished through an ordinary mother, all things are possible. I have watched my children both choose Jesus even in a spiritual mismatch. The enemy can no longer have our children. They are hereby declared as God's and we will stand in that faith and truth. Love you girl. 

So, what do you think? See you in the comments. Signed a Prodigal and Spiritually Single Mom, Lynn

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Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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