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Nets for Nepal Update #2

"In solemn truth I tell you that in so far as you rendered such services to one of the humblest of these my brethren, you rendered them to myself." -Mathew 25:40

Nepal Nets Woman
Thank you so much for your prayers! The mosquito net distribution in our first village went very smoothly today. Instruction was given, the gospel was shared and lives have been (and will continue to be) transformed! 

But, our job is not finished. We have two more days of distribution, so please keep praying! Pray for safe travel to our next area, for a smooth time of distribution, and for open hearts to receive the gospel message!

Ya know, Lynn...when I first saw the pic of the disabled older woman, I was so excited for her! I wondered how many gifts she's received in her lifetime. Not many, I imagine. But, there she was, that dear woman...receiving a net because God KNEW her. He knows her every day, her every moment. He's had His eye on her since weaving her in her mother's womb...even before that time! She's precious to Him and He worked and re-worked the puzzle pieces of history together to bring her a simple gift. Oh the love of God!! May the GREATER gift be hers as well!!

Much love... Lisa 

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