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My Beloved

Good Monday morning,

Today is a really great day. You will find me and my daughter sitting on a riverbank, fishing. Yep, us two girls packed the tackle box, the poles some provisions and are in the mountains praying a rainbow trout will be our dinner. And yes, we clean them ourselves. eeeek... gross. I know...Go figure. 

So while I'm away, I want to introduce a new friend of mine, December Long (yes, she was born in December... I bet you never forget her name *grin*) I met December for the first time at the National Day of Prayer where I was invited to pray for our city and nation. And then I came to find out that December would be sharing a devotion at the retreat where Dineen and I were to speak (May). 

December shared a letter spoken to her by the Holy Spirit. And today I'm sharing it with all of you. Today is Part I and on Friday, Part II. I will be back next week and perhaps with a few photos from our fishing adventure. I'm expecting God to show off His glory in the mountains. I can't wait to share His glory with all of you. I love you. Now.... here is December.

(A letter from God [Papa, Jesus & The Holy Spirit] – transcribed by December Long) 


Maybe you know me. Maybe you have only heard or read about me. I have always known and loved you. Long before you were born, I knew what every one of your days would hold. I crafted, in my heart, your design and my vision for who you would be, putting my image - the very stamp of who I am - into you. I reveled in the role you would play in the world and eternity. When you were conceived I rejoiced that you had stepped into time. I formed and shaped you with great care in your mother’s womb and protected and watched over you. When you were born, my excitement and love overflowed! I smiled, sang and danced over your long anticipated life emerging into the world!


When you were a baby, I walked with you as you developed and grew, wonder and discovery in every moment. I cared for you and protected you, delighting in your “ah –ha” moments. And I held you close to me through your tears (catching every one). 

I saw your attempts over the years to venture out and try new things. I sang over you with joy when you manifested the beauty and creativity I placed in you and stayed close by your side grieving, as you did, moments of deep pain, hurt and injustice when you withdrew hiding in fear, feeling shamed, rejected, un-seen and un-valued. I was your fortress protection there and I shielded you and tenderly held you there – though you may have had no awareness of me. I have many things to reveal to you about this – things that will set you free to be yourself. 

You are priceless to me. No one else is committed to you in the way that I am. My love and care for you is life-giving and transformational. When you come to me and spend time exploring the width, length, height and depth of my love, and really know that love in tangible ways - I bring you into line with your glorious original calling and design – that you may be filled to the measure of ALL of my fullness. Giving yourself to be present with me is a moment by moment choice that I never force, but am always available for, welcome and invite. Just think – here I am, creator of the universe, all powerful, and my deepest and greatest joy is when you and I spend time together. Do you understand how my heart longs for you? Do you know or even suspect who you are to me? You are a one-of-a–kind masterpiece; there is no other like you. You are my very favorite! No other person (past, present or future) can ever replace you in my affections. You are a deeply loved child who I take great delight in. When my eyes land upon you, they light up!! And, I always have my eyes on you! I look forward to our time together and I am always with you, but it is times where you engage, when you take time to drink in deeply and refresh in me and my love for you – these are deeply satisfying times for me too. Look into my eyes. Do you see yourself there? These eyes overflow my radiant and heartfelt welcome and pleasure in you. My heart is always full and for you – I have so much to share with you and show you.

See you Friday for the last half of this letter and it's amazing... Hugs. Lynn

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