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How Does God Prepare Us?

ColorfulEyeSo often we look at our circumstances, trials and challenges as contrary to what we think or thought God was doing in our lives. We see them as setbacks, deviations and mishaps—out of our control and seeminly out of God’s.

But lately I’m seeing the seemingly out of control chaos of life in a different light and I think many of you are starting to see this too, in terms of being mismatched.

We’ve talked a lot about how God redeems not only us but everything in our lives as well. Good and bad, He uses it all. But what I’m trying to get at is, what if we looked at even the hardest parts of our lives as preparation for whatever it is that God has called us to? What if in our attempts to just persevere we’ve limited ourselves to just the next step when God is working on our lifetime picture?

I want to show you some incredible examples right from the Bible—ones you and I are familiar with but sometimes need to see as a whole and in a slightly different perspective.

Specifically, God’s.

Take Esther. Her story is definitely ours. God put her in a position to move from simply being one of “the people,” an Israelite, to a queen who would use her influence to save her people. She went through a year—an entire year!—of preparation to step into this position. And God prepared the way for each step with His favor and provision in the form of a eunuch who saw her potential and a king whose heart was softened by her gentle presence.

How about Joseph? God gave Joseph a glimpse of his future purpose in dreams. His brothers’ jealousy led them to throw him into a pit, which led to slavery. As a slave, Joseph learned to run the household of an Egyptian official.

Joseph most likely learned the customs, culture and laws of this foreign land during this time. He organized and ran everything for Potiphar until his lust-driven wife falsely accused Joseph of assaulting her.

He’s thrown into prison where God’s favor leads the captain of the guard to put him in charge of an entire prison. All of it, including those incarcerated there. Joseph must have taken what he’d learned in running a household to now run a “household” of a much larger scale. Here he meets the cupbearer and the baker whose dreams most likely remind him of the ones God gave him as a youth.

Two years later the restored cupbearer remembers Joseph and suggests him to Pharaoh as a dream interpreter. Joseph is brought from managing a prison to now running an entire kingdom! All that he has learned again is crucial to managing the biggest “household” of all.

His journey begins and ends because of dreams and everything he’s endured, suffered and experienced has prepared him for what God first showed him—to be the saving presence and provider of a race of people. From pit to prison to palace, Joseph’s legacy would go on even after his death.

And what about Moses? He grew up in a palace and saw the workings of a kingdom managing its people. He’s then “thrust” into the seemingly menial task of managing herds of sheep for forty years. He’s gone from being an observer to having hands on training in managing masses.

All this was his preparation to step into leading over a million people from slavery to their promised land. From 40 years of corralling thousands of sheep to 40 years of managing an entire people population.

I’m sure at times these people must have wondered how God was working, just like we do. Or was God even in the picture! Just like we do at times when we see only the impossible standing in front of us so much taller than we are.

But what if instead, we faced down our giants? What if we began to see the potential instead of the purgatory? What if our entire mindset were to shift from just looking for how God would get us through to what is God preparing us for? Teaching us?

How is He growing me through this so that I am equipped to manage and do what He has next for me?

Many of you have shared in the comments recently that you are seeing how your mismatched marriage has drawn you closer to God, and that you even wonder if you would have gone so deeply and craved God’s presence otherwise.

I say let’s not waste time wondering but instead expend that energy asking God to show us what we can learn and jump in with both feet with expectation for what comes next.

Because this is our trust in action. This is our faithfulness to God. And right now I am astounded at how strongly, greatly, massively (I can’t find a better word) God responds to even the smallest step of faithfulness on our part with His great and overwhelming faithfulness to us.

We walk with the Holy God of the impossible. My friends, let’s walk like we believe it. I know it’s not easy—trust me, I’m struggling to do this myself right now, but the more I determine to do this and see things from this perspective, the more I walk in the Spirit and the joy of the Lord.

I begin to see what is impossible for me as POSSIBILITIES with God!

These are exciting times. We are living in a time of great revival, awakening—whatever you want to call it, God is doing it. And He’s preparing us—each of us—for our unique part in this great movement. Right now, right where we are. We are in training.

Let’s look for and walk in His presence, my friends. Every day. Every moment! Call out for Him to pour out His Holy Spirit over all the nations, over all His people, over all of us, and especially for those who don’t know Him.

Now is the time to get ready. God has big stuff for us!

Love you all so very, very much. You have my heart!

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