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Weekend Worship — I See Heaven

Beloved Part II

Lynn here again... Here is December with Part II of My Beloved.

I am jealous for you to be who I’ve made you to be in Jesus. Who that is – the one seated in heavenly realms with Christ right now (yes even now already you are there!) – you really have no idea who that is! That one (YOU) is beautiful inside and out with a radiance, purity, holiness and loveliness that you cannot imagine. There is nothing in the world like you to compare you to. Like a priceless jewel shines, you shine – ONLY MORE SO! Like a deeply adored child – you are content, fulfilled with overflowing happiness and unstoppable joy – ONLY MORE SO! You will be restless, unsatisfied and disappointed being anything other than who I’ve designed you to be! Your own vision of you is nothing to the astonishing true YOU in me. Your very design requires relationship with me, though I never force that. That doesn’t mean I am not relentless in pursuing you, but, I invite you because I want you to come to me from a real heart commitment on your part. 

Come to me. Lay down your busyness, set aside your anxiety and worries. Put down your hurts, pride and anger. Take off your masks of pretending to be good enough, smart enough, capable and protecting to avoid rejection. Just come as you are. Come; abide in my acceptance of you, my joyful rest, love and approval of you. Practice spending time with me and receiving my great love for you. When you receive my love and understand who I really am (more and more) – everything in your life falls rightly into place. Where before - anxiety, performance and rushing to complete tasks over road your vision and all the hurts, protecting and concerns loomed large in your eyes, when you spend time with me, I and my extravagant over the top love and power will take up ALL of your vision. I’m really too big not to! You will no longer have eyes for anxiety or worry – your eyes will be filled with me, safe, protected, working in confident peace from rest in me. I have an intimate life long walk with you, whether you are aware of me or not. Beloved, I long to spend intimate time with you. It’s an integral part of who you are. Your part, if you choose, is to choose to spend time with me. Not in a legalistic – do this many hours of bible study and this much time in your prayer lists and all the endless the lists of good things Christians do. I want you – just yourself – real, wholehearted, with all weights on you, flaws, all the stuff – just to come talk to me, listen to me, rest with me. Our relationship establishes the process of washing away any hurts, worries or troubles. And my powerful love, my fruitful love that is ever joyful, my love that is peaceful, my love that displays patience and long suffering, my love of overflowing kindness, my love’s abundant outrageous “never get to the bottom of it” goodness, my love that’s faithful and always for you, my love that is powerfully gentle, and my love richly abundant in self-control - this Love overcomes every deficit and need in you, making you an overcomer and bearer of that same fruit! You are made to be more than a conqueror! You shine and the brilliance I designed in you continues to be unveiled as we walk together – you shine into all the world around you. That’s Kingdom life! Me in you, you in me, we together with all of the Beloved - are one! Our unity, life giving love and power testify to and lift up Christ - drawing all the world to Him. 

I set my love upon you, beloved, because that is just how I AM! Come. Jesus made it possible for you to come! Receive what I have for you - for Jesus’ sake – He’s worthy.

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