Weekend Worship — A New Twist on Loneliness
God is an Equipper

What is God's Will For Each of Us?

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On Friday we left with the strange and fascinating story about Elijah. How he stepped out onto the mountain to haven an encounter with God.

If you remember, (if you don’t’ remember, you MUST read Friday’s post) I’m seated in a Bible study addressing the leader as I’m speaking. I continued explaining my thoughts on this passage in 1 Kings and said, “I believe this (taking a step of faith) is especially true when it comes to healing. Healing of our hearts, our spirit and especially physical healing.”

Well that is when everything went nuts.

The leader stopped talking. I stopped talking. She was staring at me with such intensity and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. All of a sudden she bursts into tears and says to me, “Lynn, I have been asking God that you would pray for me for my physical healing and that I would know it’s of Him when I heard you speak of it from your own lips.”

I think I sat there dumbfounded. But then it was if the Holy Spirit flooded that room with such power that I jumped to my feet. I asked her to stand. The six of us in that room surrounded her, layed our hands upon her and began to pray.

Now it’s difficult for me to explain what happened next.

Let me start of by sharing that the experience I’m about to tell you had its origin months earlier when I experience an encounter with the Most High. It was the same filling and expression of the Holy Spirit that happened to me in worship while at the Bethel conference. A Holy God encounter.

I began to tremble. I felt God’s power and love come down over me and flow to the others in the room and onto the leader who was facing me and my hands rested upon her shoulders. My eyes were closed and I don’t really remember all that I prayed. But I prayed with power, certainty, conviction and petition for healing.

The woman began to shake and tremble. I was fully trembling under the power that was coming from above me and coursing through my body. When this happens to me it’s like I’m being electrocuted, kinda in a good way. I can feel it flow down from my head, bounce off the bottom of my feet, back to my head and back down again. I can’t breathe in the beginning and I can’t move. I’m frozen under the waves of power and love flowing over me. Then my right hand begins to shake uncontrollably, vibrating with a force I don’t understand nor can I fully explain. I become completely hot from head to toe breaking out in a not-too-feminine sweat.

The woman in front of me is now trembling. I can feel her growing hot. I’m praying a Holy shake down of heaven upon this woman, declaring her healing from cancer and fear. I prayed with a passion and purpose that clearly was of the Holy Spirit.

We finished and I think we were all wiped out and so astonished at all that just happened it took days for us to process it all.

The next day as I was praying, giving utter thanks to God for answering my prayers to bring healing and her prayers FOR healing and just allowing me to be part of His Kingdom, I heard the Lord say to me a few things.

“It was her faith and belief and my love and power that healed her.” And God went on to assure me that her healing was completely between the two of them and that I was only the conduit. Her healing is entirely up to her belief (her step of faith) and God’s love and power. Wow, that just removes me completely from the picture and I AM SO UTTERLY RELIEVED BY THAT. I don’t want to be responsible for her healing but I do want to be part of what God is doing on this earth.

How about you?

Okay, once again I can imagine it’s a weird and challenging story to take in. It’s challenging for me to write about this kind of supernatural stuff because it is often the Christians who can’t believe God still moves like this in our current day. But, I hope that all of you have known me for some time and KNOW my character and my faith. I’m just on a journey like all of you to live fully in the Presence of the Most High. I WANT for all of you to have a Holy encounter with our Daddy. So begin to pray something like this:

Lord, I’m hungry for more of You. I’m hungry to experience my faith not just know it as theology. I want to have a Holy encounter with grace, healing, hope and your power. I deeply desire to be a conduit of your Presence and bring Your purposes to people. Increase in me Papa, Daddy. I will exchange my dignity, my possessions, my everything just to live every day in Your Holy Presence. Teach me Lord how to move closer to you. Send me to people who can teach me more about your glory, signs and wonders. I want to live like Jesus did, bringing hope, truth, light and healing. I want to live out His command in Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!

In King Jesus name. Amen

Matthew 10:8 IS God's will for each and everyone of His people. Today, tomorrow and for all of our life. Do you believe this? 

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