Prayer for The Many
When God Shows Up!!!

Weekend Worship — Come Away!

My friends, Lynn and I are speaking at a women's retreat at Rancho Community Church in Temecula, CA this weekend. We are anticipating an amazing work of God in the women attending. As I write this, I'm days away from the event and Lynn and I are both anticipating the rebirth and renewal of faith, the release of the Holy Spirit and healing on so many levels. It's all part of what we've been sharing on the blog—God is moving in HUGE ways and calling His daughters forth.

In other words, a completely astonishing work of God!

I am already in awe of what our Almighty God does when we just let Him into our hearts and lives and give Him everything!

Have an amazing weekend drenched in the love and power of Jesus, my friends. I'm praying for the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn brighter than ever before in all of us! Amen!

Hugging you tight with love and prayers!

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