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Wedding Pictures!!!

My friends, I'm so happy that I get to share these with you! The entire weekend was amazing! So full of love and joy. I felt all your prayers through the weekend for the wedding, for my daughter, for my health—all of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

As we drove to the wedding venue, my daughter Leslie excitedly pointed out this in the sky. Can you see the dove? It was so big and clear. I know this was God's sweet message to tell us His blessings were all over this event and marriage.

My biggest fear was having a coughing fit during the ceremony and I was fine for the entire day. The reception afterwards was truly the celebration I'd hoped it would be and more. Most of us danced and laughed into the night. It was glorious! 

Here are some pictures that are the highlights of the day. The photographer, Nerinna Valera, has even more on her Facebook Page here: Nerinna Valera Photography. She and her team are amazing!


Dad and Mom getting the bride ready...

Rachel with her sister Leslie 
A sweet moment between the bride and her grandma (my mother, Donna).

"First Meet" (Gives the bride and groom a private first meeting before the ceremony.)

Bridal Party!

Dad (Mike) walking our girl down the "aisle."

Mr. & Mrs. Silva!

Yes, that's Princess Leia with Han Solo (May 25th is the release date of all the Star Wars movies.)

Leslie giving a toast to the couple (and making us all cry!)


Thank you for sharing my joy, my friends, and for indulging me in this photofest. God so exceeded my expectations and answered all our prayers for an amazing and joy-filled day. I can't believe I have a married daughter! I can't believe I have a son-in-love! And I almost can't believe how richly blessed I am, but God keeps reminding me. 

Love you all so much!

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