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Miracle Update

Below is a note from Lisa about the miracle this community helped to create across the world. You can read more about it here. Thank you SUMites your love is streatching to distant lands that are desperate for the love of our Savior. I love you, Lynn


Seven months ago, I was pleading with God to heal me of malaria...like, NOW. He heard, but didn't obey my command. His plan was to walk me through it, not take me out of it. It was a longer walk than I anticipated, but worthy of my time. Along that path, I came to know that 50% of malaria can be prevented by sleeping under a mosquito net. Say what?? 

My next prayer was, "Lord, I need money for 500 mosquito nets."

He instantly shot back, "Why ask for 500 when you know I always give you twice what you ask for?"

"Ok then...I need money for 1,000!" 

Today, this very minute, 1000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets are piled into a cramped little room in Yuwaraj Gajmer's home in eastern Nepal, getting ready for distribution!! PRAISE GOD!!! 

Lest you think they came without a CHALLENGE, think again! God had promised to supply them, but He never promised it'd be fast...or easy! But, in all honesty, the booty is sweeter having had to work so hard for it! 

NetsI have fallen flat on my face before the Lord with great sobs of thankfulness for His answered prayer. I wish I could thank each of you in the same way...the hundreds of you who so cheerfully gave, financially, so our beloved Nepali villagers could make it through this mosquito season (and many such seasons to come) without their family members dying of malaria. May the blessing you poured out onto the "least of these" be returned to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!! 

You will hear from me again shortly (as soon as the nets have been distributed) with stories and pictures of our long-awaited day of distribution. So...stayed tuned!! 

Much love and thankfulness...

Loading of nets

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