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The Path of Faith

Zv7DW5Pjtz6K9BomWNbQ2cVm8J7DiiBoxVfSTRlhkg4My precious friends, I know we're mourning the loss of Rosheeda and celebrating her new home in glory! Ro is the one who inspired me a couple years ago to surrender to God and to seek to live and understand what a surrendered life looks like. She lived and breathed it. She lived and breathed Jesus. And that's what we shared about her at the conference, that she lived an intentional life for God.

Our conference was a huge success—successful just as God wanted it to be. Lives and hearts were healed and Lynn and I were allowed to be a part of that and witness it. I'm still amazed and astonished at what He did—what He spoke to my heart would happen just before the conference. Why am I surprised? We'd prayed for it, asked for it for months, weeks, then days before.

There would be healing. And there was.

Truly amazing—I can barely find the words to describe my awestruck wonder at how God does that. We began the day in ashes and up from those burning embers rose such beauty and restoration that we could only stand in wonder and be there in any way God called us to.

God comforted, sustained and worked through us to bring His Kingdom to Earth as it is in Heaven. What a glorious tribute to God's presence among us, not only there but among this community too. So many of you prayed for the women attending and for the weekend to bring so much to their lives.

And God heard every prayer.

This community is so amazing. Our hearts are joined in so many ways, but mostly in our love for Jesus, for our Abba and by the same Holy Spirit the dwells in each of us.

This morning as I went on my walk and pray, I followed my usual path and felt God’s nudge to take several pictures of my path. Strange, but as I did He showed me what He wanted me to see and share with you.

Sometimes God asks us to change direction, yet the new path He’s telling us to follow isn’t visible. And it won’t be unless we continue forward, trusting that the path is there and that He’ll make the way clear.


We walk a little further and the new path that was once indiscernible to our own eyes now becomes visible and makes sense. With renewed confidence, we quicken our step and continue on.


Until we see a turn in the path. What’s around the corner? Even though it’s unexpected to us, it’s not for God, Who tells us to keep going and trust Him for what’s yet again invisible to our eyes. We remember the start of this journey and God’s faithfulness then, which has increased our faith to trust Him again and continue forward.


And then we reach the final destination of our journey—this place God purposed us to be all along. He always knew the way and could have told us the full picture but instead He wants us to trust Him for each step as He gently guides us through each unexpected curve or those places where we have to trust the path is there even if we can’t see it.

That’s when we get to look back and see all the curve and twists that brought us to this new place, this new territory in our lives. We catch a greater glimpse than where we started of God’s faithfulness and care for us. We begin to understand that just because we can’t see the full picture, it doesn’t mean our life is out of control.


And to see this faithfulness so clearly in our lives is to know God better, to understand His great heart for us, and to grow in trust. This is the path that births big faith within us and brings God’s presence more visible around us.

So, my precious friends, God’s heart is for you to take the next step. Whatever that may be. Trust that the path is there. Trust that God has prepared a way for you. And trust that He is walking every step of it with you.

Our SUM community is a special part of His provision along the way. We are here to cheer each other on when the journey gets tough, here to lend a shoulder to the ones too tired to keep going and here to celebrate all seasons of life, and death, with each other.

As Ro so beautifully dubbed us, we are the SUMites. 

I love you all so very much,


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