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So, can I just say it’s been the weirdest week. I have experienced every emotion from sheer elation to deep sadness and about everything in between. With that said, perhaps my “word filter” isn’t in full gear meaning that you are going to get my guts… It could be Icky… but it’s always going to be authentic.

Here are my thoughts. I love Rosheeda and truly have felt a deep sadness all week. I’m not a sad person so this is a really weird place to be. But then there are moments when an email arrives and I hear about how our Great King has touched a life. It’s for those moments when God encounters a person and they are forever changed… It’s for those moments that I live.

I need to tell you that I hear the Lord saying to me, “Move forward.” He does not want me to forget Ro but He reminded me that the time on this earth is short. There is so much work to do. The Harvesters are few and we MUST push forward. God is desperate to reach people with His love and healing. So, we are moving forward. I may mention Rosheeda from time-to-time but please know that even if I don’t mention her--- it’s not because I’m not missing her. It’s only that I have to push forward and to remain focused on the goal ahead. It’s about accomplishing God’s purposes. So I will continue to grieve but on this forum we have still so much to learn. So let’s get moving.

With that said, I’m feeling the passion about a new series. It’s titled, Faith Isn’t Enough. Do you wonder where the miracles are? Are you puzzled about why you are struggling and why God isn't moving? Well, I’m itching to talk about this because as believers, I’m convinced we need faith. Yet we need something that functions along with faith. And that something is where the power is at. And that something is what we are going to be talking about Monday.

For today I want to share some happy things. Photos and snippets from the Intentional Life Conference. I also want to thank the ministry team for the phenomenal job they did to organize and pull off such a fantastic event. THANK YOU.

So enjoy the photos. Enjoy the quotes. Leave me a note in the comments. I LOVE YOU. I really love you. 


Ministry team
Ministry Team


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Best quote of the weekend heard by Teresa T. “This is better than five hours of marriage counseling.”  LOVE IT!!! Not sure who said this but THANK YOU. Made my weekend!!!!

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Charlotte, Lynn, Dineen, Martha B.

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Lynette, Dorothy, Hanna

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Teresa T and Denise

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Some of the amazing Prayer Team


Hi Lynn,

I had an amazing encounter with The Holy Spirit on Saturday. He shows up when we least expect Him! When I signed up for the course, I thought I'd have some laughs. Maybe some tears. I'd tell the ladies next to me, "That was great, right?" And forget all about it when getting my boys ready for church on Sunday.

After you ended the morning session, I could not contain myself. The letter you read to a group of ladies on Friday prior to the conference continued to burn within me. I went forward in attempts to encourage you and yet received an amazing word from The Lord through you, Lynn. You didn't know me, yet the words you prayed over me, He has been placing on my heart to pray. That never happens to me.

Thank you for your kindness and transparency. You may have already forgotten the names and faces you met. But I will never forget you taking the time to share His heart and His words over me. I choose to walk in His authority and His anointing. ~Vivian

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I have always felt less than deserving, or insignificant. I have always wanted to live a life that is INTENTIONAL, a life that matters. Today I know I matter, that He loves me. I 'knew' this on a mostly superficial level, but for the last few months this is being repeated over and over to me. I finally see it...within the depths of my heart I see it. Thank you Daddy. ~Lynette

Imported Photos 00263
Basket of lies

During the freedom portion of the conference when Lynn and Dineen were praying and people were laying down the lies they had believed, I was still working through my own stuff and they were wrapping up and I heard Lynn say, ‘Lord, someone in here isn’t finished…’ I know, and I think I knew, that was me. So the band played another song and God kept speaking truth into me and blew me away. I remember it was the moment He told me I would have absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted, Everything I‘ve dreamed about in this life etc. – aka everything I’ve been wanting and desiring and waiting for…  I was overcome with emotion and His love and I just melted! ~Gillian


Gillian and Noah
Lynn, Gillian, Noah, Dineen


The conference was incredible! What a BLESSING you two are to so many!!!! HUGS HUGS! Love in Him! ~Malinn

  Imported Photos 00224

Lynn again: And my friends, you know how I love the Doves God sends my way. On Sunday morning as the plane was taxying down the runway to take me home, I opened a gift from a sweet Sumite, Debbie, who wasn’t even at the conference but sent it along with Martha Bush. Here is what I unwrapped. 


Imported Photos 00291
It's a photo of a mama bird in her nest.


The emotions of the weekend overtook me and I wept right there on the plane. And to just make it more amazing on Monday Vivian shared a photo of a dove that was resting at her house.

Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~ I love my Daddy so much…. 

Dineen and I promised God that if He opened the doors, we would go. We are desperate to share the Lord’s Presence with others. In Him is healing. In Him is health. In Him is joy. In Him is abundance. We are only the conduits. God is desperate to help His people. Desperate for their healing, happiness and hope to be restored. So, the conference was not about us. 

It was always about an encounter with the Most High. And I am certain lives were forever altered in the Presence of our Great King, His Son and the Holy Spirit. That is why we push forward. That is why we will forever share the hope we have because it’s miraculous. 

We love you. Have an amazing day and see you back here for Monday. It’s going to be a great series. It will change the way you see your faith and you will step onto the path of miracles. Hugs, Lynn  


Thank you Daddy for your unfathomable redemptive love. Thank you for the lives that were changed. Thank you for the healing and thank you for your love. We love You, Your Son and the Spirit that binds us all together. Amen.

*For some reason I don't have a photo of Beverly or Becky and if I missed any of the other SUMites in the photos, pleae email me and send me a photo

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