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Hi My Friends, 

It’s been a long, long time since we have had a Donovan Clan update. And that is likely because I haven’t anything remarkable to report on my husband’s faith journey. But yesterday, the Holy Spirit came near and flooded my mind with a thousand memories of God’s faithfulness to this 5 foot 4, blond-brained, messed up but utterly thankful woman. It was as if I had a moment where a lifetime flashed before my eyes.

It wasn’t my lifetime but my daughters. You see on Saturday night my daughter participated in a Rite of Passage.

Senior Prom.

This is exceptional for me for several reasons. And it was for my daughter as well. Let me explain. My daughter hasn’t been one to attend school dances. But after much convincing by me and her friends, she agreed to attend this last dance of her high school years.

We spent the day along with her BFF doing the thing that girls around here do the day of prom. Hair. Makeup. Dress, shoes. We went all out. My husband is convinced we will need to take a second mortgage to afford this "Princess Experience." Yikes!  *grin*


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Thanks Shawna for the personal touch.

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Fun at the makeup counter - Macy's

Expenses aside. It turned out to be amazing. A day and evening filled with memories built to last for a lifetime. But on Sunday all of those memories filled my heart and I heard God whisper to me, “Lynn, you have been faithful. And Lynn, I have been faithful.”


In an instant I knew the Holy Spirit was revealing to me the truth  of living out my faith in front of my child for all of her 18 years. She has grown up to be an amazing kid. She’s far from perfect and she will tell you that she doesn’t have this faith thing figured out for herself yet. But, she is a good kid who made it through the struggles of a large Southern California High School with integrity and hope.

She is so much like me in many ways. And vastly different in many more. She has a sarcastic wit I can’t begin to understand. She is a self-starter and highly organized (She organized the prom activities, from early in the day, through the parents photos all the way to the transportation to and from). I think she got that from me *wink.*

So, I’m at a place now where my many, many years of parenting a child under my roof are nearing an end. In four short months she will begin her orientation at the college she selected. And my friends, this is where I just cry and thank God for all of His faithfulness. For the years of my prayers for this child are answered. For the times He walked with her in the halls of her school when she was sad or scared. He held her hand. Listened to my words of pleading for her and HE WAS ALWAYS FAITHFUL.

So today this Donovan Clan update is to share my love for God. To encourage you that God hears the prayers of a mother’s (and a father's) heart and to renew your hope that the years, tears and prayers you are pouring into your children are WORTH IT!

It’s one of my proudest days to share with my SUMite family that in the fall, my daughter Caitie will be attending a Christian College. She came to this choice after much discussion, college visits, debate between her parents (typical) and prayer. She will be a student of the Torrey Honors Institute at BIOLA University (Bible Institute of Los Angeles).

The Faithfulness of my God continues to astound me.

I will tell you that this decision was a point of great contention in the Donovan home. As you might guess my husband wanted my daughter to attend his alma mater, UC Berkeley. Typical in our home, these universities are polar opposites in perspectives and ideals.  I write a lot more about this in our new book that releases in October. That book is filled with stories of God’s faithfulness to ordinary mothers. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Anyhoo, in a few weeks Caitie will graduate from High School. Dineen’s eldest daughter will marry her prince charming. And us two women, -- we are just ordinary wives and moms who stand in the lavish grace and love of a God who takes our breath away….. every….. single….. day……

Please press through your disappointments, your struggles and surrender to the God who adores you. Living on the other side of surrender is where the miracles lie. And it’s so very, very worth it.

I love you. Thank you for sharing this time in my life with me. And thank you for allowing me to share my daughter with you as well.

Here are a few of my photos from the day. Have a great week my friend. I love you. Lynn

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Classic Mike Donovan says to this young man, "Hey, if you take that hat off will a rabbit pop out?"

He cackled up a storm. I whacked my husband on the arm and gave him "the look."

Poor kid, he may never visit the Donovan home again. Sheesh! Personally, I LOVED the hat. So did Caitie.

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  Imported Photos 00084

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My favorite photo of the evening

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