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The Prodigal and Our Unrelenting God

Good Morning, Lynn Here. If you have prayed for any length for a prodigal or a spouse to come to faith and feel like they are so lost, so far from God that it will never happen, then this story is for you.

I want to introduce my friend, Angie Knight. I met Angie in the very early years of blogging. I met her face-to-face at a blogger’s retreat in her home state of Florida in 2009. That was an ordained and anointed retreat for me. Many, MANY works of God came from that weekend where the women prayed over me. Winning Him Without Words was just one. While I was there I met Angie’s precious family. I stayed in her home and met her husband and daughters. It was an amazing weekend.


Angie and girls
Angie and her daughters


Since then her life and mine have become a little busy. Hers with mission trips to Cambodia and Slavic countries and mine with our community here at SUM. Our hearts remain connected through the beautiful fabric of the Body of Christ and yet we haven’t talked in probably over a year or more. So here is where the story soars to the supernatural.

God is Divine and Providential.

Okay, so on Wednesday I was finishing the final chapter for our new book, Not Alone. This chapter is about parenting through rebellion and the Prodigal Adult. And I’ve been asking God to give me words to include. Now here is the really good part.

Out of the blue after more than a year, Angie posts on my Facebook wall this: For those with a prodigal (anything)...this will encourage you ;) (I've had you on my mind Lynn Donovan! Have a GREAT week!) She includes a link to an article on her blog. She hasn’t written there in months and months.

Why am I always flabbergasted that God listens to me and actually helps me in amazing ways??? Sheesh. (Lord, thank you for your faithfulness.)

Okay, Let me set the stage. Angie, her mother, her sister, daughters and one of her granddaughters had taken a weekend trip to spend the time together at a beach resort. Sunday morning arrives and it’s time to pack up and head toward home.

This is the story she shared with me. 

My daughter was 15 years old when she decided the "church path" was not for her--and she walked in a mighty dark wilderness for a long time.  Glimpses of the old Tiff would be seen from time to time, and we continued to pray on.  One thing we knew for certain--that was the MOST difficult thing any parent has to face--we could not bale her out of every situation--because we had ENTRUSTED God to work on her and in her to bring her back to a place of desiring HIM. 

Tiffany and her daughter joined us for the beach retreat weekend and as we drove toward home we wanted to stop at a local church for Sunday services. We had a church in mind and set off in with plenty of time to make services. However, due to a flood, Tiffany in the lead car, took a detour and we ended up at a country church, where Pastor Danny Davis met us with hearty handshakes, laughter and a very welcoming spirit.  Without going into the details of the service, let me just stop and say, it was NOT business as usual.

God continued on with ordering and setting the day out in HIS plan and fashion.

The special speaker did not get to speak.  The LORD brought the message that morning through the voice of the pastor--and I could honestly tell you --I saw a visible change, as well as "felt" it when the Holy Spirit began to move.

As the pastor, under a heavy anointing was walking back and forth, speaking what GOD was in that instant laying on his heart--the string of us girls from mother all the way down to the youngest, our granddaughter, completely filled up one whole pew.  He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Angie Knight, you are about to see your miracle.  You are about to see something that you've prayed about for a long time become reality." 

He walked on, shook, I was weeping, praising--not knowing what exactly--because, truthfully, there are many things I'm praying about--yet my mind went to this row of women.

And then it happend, Tiffany went forward.

That morning, The Lord gave me a front row seat as He brought His daughter back home.

As a mother of a prodigal, there is nothing in this life sweeter than to witness her "rebirth." Her birth was wonderful--but the birthing of her "new life" was extraordinary. Words fail me at this point.  It was one of those, "you had to have been there" days.  We rejoiced all the way home.

Perhaps you are the parent of a prodigal that you have prayed for and feel there's not much hope...can I tell you something?

Please keep praying.

Your prodigal has a day...set and ordered by The Lord.

If you think it will happen "one particular" way, please give up your idea to Him and let Him do the orchestrating of the music of that life. He has written the most beautiful score to be heard—and only He knows when it will be played.

My day came quite unexpectedly in some ways, but then totally expected in others. Take heart parents. Keep praying.

Your prodigal is still being watched by an Almighty Eye. —Angie Knight

Tiff and daughter
(Tiffany's story is included in our new book. I can't wait for you to read it, Hugs, Lynn)


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Lynn has wonderfully mapped out the steps we all need to walk through to develop and grow this vital relationship with Him. This was the Lord’s intent for her transformation journey all along, and His intent for you too. Here she has spelled out the spiritual truths behind the principles and talked us through how she applied them. These truths are universally applicable to us all, though as the details of our lives, situations and hearts will be different, we will apply them differently. - Reader Review from Barnes & Noble.

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