Hope Floats

The Greatest Sacrifice

The word that came to mind for this post was "lent"... So, you guessed it. I started searching and reading and trying to flesh this thing out—and of all that I read and pondered, the one thing that stands out the most is that Lent is time of great sacrifice.

1415366_heart_cross_2Gang, let me tell you, no matter the sacrifices we make to show our gratitude, love, or humility, there is a sacrifice ever so much greater than any we've ever known or will ever be able to duplicate: the sacrifice of a man's life to pay the debt for me and you and everyone who lives. Jesus Christ. He gave His life up for me—for you!

He is the propitiation for our sins. The payment in full of every debt we will ever owe.

That's good news!

That's REALLY good news.

He paid the price so we wouldn't have to...

Father I am so grateful. So grateful. That You love me so much that You would give Your Son for me. That He would willingly bear my shame so that I could live in eternal communion with You. There are no words that can ever adequately convey my thanks. I am humbled, Lord, to know that I could never pay my own way. I could never be good enough or worthy enough in my own right. I could never be holy enough to enter into Your courts on my own. That You gave Christ to be my sin-bearer. I humble myself right now before Your throne and I cry out praises to You, my King. Lord, You are great and greatly to be praised. You are great and greatly to be praised. Oh Father, YOU ARE GREAT, and greatly to be praised. Jesus... Thank you, Jesus. That You gave Your life for me so that I could live with You in eternity. That You became the greatest sacrifice man will ever know so that we would never have to live separate from Your love. Oh Jesus. Messiah. How I praise You. How I thank You. I adore You, Lord. You have loved me with a depth that my heart and mind cannot possibly fathom. I give my life to You. I give myself to You right now and I give You all authority, all power, all dominion. Be the head of my heart and the Lord of my life. May my life be a testimony of gratefulness to You for the greatest act of Love I will ever know. All this in Christ's sweet name. Amen.

— Rosheeda Lee

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