Weekend Worship — Moving Forward
Special Guest Today! Please Welcome Suzie Eller!

The Day Quickly Approaches

Easter approaches.

Let’s hold up our spouse for a salvation, a transformation, experience this year on Easter morning.


Almighty God,

You are the Creator of all things. We are your chosen, your children. We worship you. We are your vessel to be used for your purposes and passions. Lord, fill us up with your love so that we shine in a dark world. Lord, Let your love overwhelm me that I may spill it out like a beautiful aroma on those around me. Especially, my spouse.

Papa, Daddy, I ask for you to reveal yourself and your purposes to my husband/wife ________________ today, this hour. Father, I ask that you open their spiritual eyes and ears that they can see the lies and hear the truth.

Now Lord, through the authority given to me through King Jesus, your son, and through your living and breathing Word, Luke 9:1&2, I take authority of any spirits that are speaking lies to my spouse. I bind the spirit of deafness and dumbness that is not allowing your penetrating words into his heart. Break my spouse’s heart for people. Let him see that there is more to this world than science and explanations. Lord, birth in him a reality that there is another realm that is real, powerful and that IT IS GOOD.

Father, this hour I declare that the name _______________________ (Mike Donovan) is sealed as a name written in the Book of Life. Lord, do everything in your perfect planning and purposes to bring my spouse to the truth and salvation of Jesus Christ. And when that hour dawns may the entire heaven and earth rejoice.

Father, let my spouse’s life bring you glory. Let the salvation of my spouse shouts to thousands of others that God is Great, powerful and above all things.

Mostly, I ask only to live in your Presence as it is Your Presence that sanctifies my spouse and my children. I love you. I love your son. I love the Holy Spirit that rest upon my shoulder like a Dove.

To You O God, be all glory, honor, power, praise, forever, and ever. Hallelujah…. In King Jesus name. Amen.

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