A Step of Faith
Weekend Worship — Moving Forward

My Beloved Sister

Hi Everyone,

Lynn and Dineen Family LifeThis afternoon Dineen will be arriving at the San Diego aiport where I will pick her up. We are heading off to the Jesus Culture Concert for what I’m anticipating will be three hours of worship and life-changing face time with our Great God.

Dineen is then joining me at the Donovan Clan house for a working weekend (and some comicle hilarity served up, Donovan Style). We are finishing our talk and working through the million details needed in preparation for our conference at Christ The King Church in Kingwood, TX on April 6. That’s in four weeks. Yikes!

Please know that this entire weekend we will be seeking God’s Presence, His favor, His words and will be praying for our community and our conference.

Dineen and I are EXPECTING BIG things. And God doesn’t disappoint. What we come up with by the end of the weekend will be something that is so inspired by the Holy Spirit that when we speak, the conference attendees will not hear Lynn or Dineen. They will hear Jesus speak to them. That is our prayer our hope and our earnest plea. More of you Lord and less of us.

My friends, how I wish you were at the concert with us. One day… One day… We will be all together. What a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus. We’ll sing and shout the victory….

And now, I want to share a letter that the Lord spoke for someone out there who needs to hear from him.  On Monday we will talk about how to pray for our spouse as we lead up to Easter.

We love you, Lynn and Dineen.

My Beloved, 

I have known you since before the beginning of all things. I have walked beside you as you took your first step. I’ve sat with you as you cried in fear over the things that are broken in your life and those things that have caused you great harm. I have watched you grow into a beautiful woman. 

I have sent my angels to you to protect you when you were careless and in harm’s way. I have wrapped you in a cloak of protection from the enemy who has wanted to destroy you because I love you with a fierce passion. I have placed my heart upon you and have delighted to see you seek me. 

I have told you that I love you every day that you step outside and glimpse my face in the nature that surrounds you. I have wiped your brow when you have worked hard. I have held you in my arms when you felt empty. And at night when tears slipped down your face, it was I who gently kissed them from your cheeks. 

I have loved you with a zeal and a never ending force that if you understood it, nothing would ever defeat you or even seem difficult. I look upon your face and I smile. I delight in you and I call to you every day to see me around you. I send you tiny love notes in the morning and again throughout your day. 

I look upon you with eyes of favor. I open doors for you. Show you my glory and I truly just like who you are. For all of who you are. 

My Beloved, today believe that I am a God who lavishes His love upon His chosen. And you are chosen. I give to you the secrets of my Kingdom. I give to you my love….. my very heart. Now come follow me. Give me all of you and I will take you on the wildest adventure of your life. 

Live with me, my son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit because nothing in this life will ever delight you, fill you, prosper you and romance you more than me. 

I love you forever and all time,

Abba, Father

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