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A Step of Faith

Jump Into The Next Four Weeks - See The Miracles

My friends, in the past few months since returning from Bethel, so much has happened in my spiritual walk. And you know what is so cool? I’ve witness a shift in our community as well. There is a new sweetness within our people. A newly born passion to be authentic and it’s when we ARE authentic that real healing and hope happens. I’ve witnessed changes in hearts. The prayer life of this community exploded. The prayers we give to one another are releasing power and authority and change into other’s lives. And literally some of you have been transformed.

And as I think upon all that is happened, I’m more excited for what is still awaiting all of us in the days ahead. I’m convinced there is a movement, a shift in the Heavenly atmosphere that is coming to earth, actually that is already arriving and we will all be part of this great move God is orchestrating even now among our nations. My friends, WE get to be part of it. We won’t miss out like some believers. We are on the edge of the cliff. Out there in the distance lingering in the mist is our God. He says, “Jump.” As I stand on this cliff, I don’t see Him I can only hear his quiet and calm voice. I wonder if He will truly catch me if I trust Him with all things.


I’m scared he won’t catch me or that I may jump too early or I didn’t hear him right. But the lure that is pulling me forward is so powerful with promise that I’m pushed to the final edge. I’m going to believe Him and I can’t see His hands that wait just beyond the edge in the mist but I’m taking the chance. This jump is going to be the wildest, most fantastic and utterly supernatural experience that we the chosen out of many generations of believers will be participants, not spectators but we will live in power of heaven on earth. We will leap into the cloud and see His glory.

If you are ready to be this bold for the cause of Christ, then pray with me.

Abba, Father,

I freely jump into your Presence. I’m leaving all the mundane of my life in your hands. I am filled with a burning fire to be part of what you are doing on earth. Lead me to people who can teach me and lead me in this new anointing of the Holy Spirit. Lord, show me the spectacular. Reveal the astonishing. Fill me with so much of your character, joy and love that I shine and lavish You upon all people I meet. Bring it on Lord. Let’s move in your power, by your authority and let Heaven come to earth. In Jesus name. All for your honor and glory. Amen.


Okay, with all that out now. I think we need to pray for the next four weeks for our spouse. We have four weeks leading up to Easter. Perfect timing. So this is what I’m thinking about prayer.

My friend, Maria who I met at Bethel, recently sent me a text it said: So I’ve been sitting here praying for you and God showed me…. Told me to tell you. To lay hands on your husband in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping and to pray over him. Begin to release God’s love, goodness and calling upon your husband. To pray, “Lord, get him.”

What I find fascinating is that I used to pray like this for my husband but haven’t in a long, long time. And I will also tell you that I didn’t jump right into doing this the day this text message arrived. But you know what did start to happen? Every morning a five in the morning, I wake up. Yep, I’m wide awake and actually a bit frustrated that I’m lying there in the dark. So finally, lying there in the dark, I decide to put my hand on my husband and start praying.

It’s been several days in a row now that God wakes me at five am. I pray every morning at five am to release God’s power and anointing on my husband. That the Holy Spirit would reveal Himself to my husband.

Hmmmmm, I kinda ignored what Maria said but God is ready to move. Man I wish I had obeyed immediately and prayed over my husband earlier at night I might be a bit more rested *grin.* I’m fairly certain that God  will be waking me every morning now at 5 am for quite a while.

God is moving. So consider this YOUR text message. Start to pray at night with the laying on of hands upon your spouse and release God’s power, presence and purpose into their life.

Are you willing to jump with me? Are you willing to pray at night for your spouse? Are you wanting to be part of all that God has?

We will be focusing on praying for our spouses for the next four weeks leading up to Easter.  Expect miracles my friends. I love you so much. Hugs, Lynn 

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