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AwesomenessI Remember - And You Should, Too 

I'm sitting at my desk, thinking about the week leading up to Easter and how every day has ministered to me personally as I sat down to share. 

The post for yesterday.. Wow... I'm not a shouter. I'm not a super vocal worshipper, but this whole week the Holy Spirit has just been so ALIVE inside me as I have worked through these posts. 

I remember that place in my walk where conviction rested so heavily on me and I began to grasp the fact that I am a MESS. I remember recognizing that I had grieved the Lord, that I had hurt him, that he suffered because of me. And then in that same breath, He showed me that no matter who I was - or even am, or what I've done, His love for me is as great now as it was before I cost him his life... 

I suppose that this could be a day filled with study and meditation and some great activity to remind us of the beauty that is the Christ, but gang, we don't need any of that. 

All we need is Jesus. 

Let your heart & spirit testify today. Remember where you were. Remember what it felt like when you realized exactly what you cost the Lord... 

Go to him today and talk with him. Ask him to remind you - and then ask him to show you who you are now. Ask him to minister to you. Take your delight in him and welcome his delight in you today as you await the celebration that is tomorrow. 

I love you gang, and I hope that you have had a wonderful, worshipful, reflective week...


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