Weekend Devo — God Loved Us First!
The Greatest Sacrifice

Hope Floats

Praying over this post, this is what the Lord gave me. And I thought, "Ok. Hope is really a perfect topic for Holy Week." I mean...that's really what its all about. Freeing us of the bonds of sin and giving us hope in the security of eternity.

1415366_heart_cross_2But I still didn't get it. Hope floats? Really Lord?

For more than a week.

"Hope Floats."

"Hope floats. Write it down."

"Hope Floats. This is the first post."

"Hope Floats."

So FINALLY I asked the question: "Ok Lord. Hope Floats. What does it mean?" (Now keep in mind that Hope Floats is the name of one of my favorite movies so I was REALLY not sure where this was headed! ha!)

"Hope. It helps YOU to float - to rise above your circumstances. It helps you to be lifted above your worries, your doubts, your fears. I sent My son so that all humanity would be able to live with the confident expectation of abundance in this life and giddy anticipation of the grandeur of life with Me in Paradise."

Really. What do you say after that?

Hope floats.

Lord God, I come before You in humble reverence and great awe. I come before You with a heart so deeply touched, so deeply pierced by the reality of what You've done for me. Without You, without Jesus, all my efforts in this life would be in vain. That You gave me Your son so that I wouldn't have to face the due penalty for my sin. That He willingly sacrificed His life so that I wouldn't lose mine. I am humbled. Deeply humbled. Deeply grateful to Him and to You. Break my heart this day, this week, this month, this year ahead for those who don't know yet the hope that You've given mankind in Christ. Break my heart for Your creation. Break my heart for those who belong to You but who don't know anymore how to hope. Replenish my hope. Fill me to overflowing so that I can fill somebody else with what I can't contain in my own heart. I so often lose sight of the reality and the enormity of who I am in You, who You've enabled me to be through Jesus. Help me to remember. Help me to hold tightly to Your truth above all else. My hope IS in You. Oh Lord please. Please Father...

I love You, Lord. I love Jesus. And I thank You both for your sacrifice for me. I worship You, Oh Lord. I exalt You. I praise Your holy name. Oh Jesus. You are worthy of honor. You are worthy of praise. I adore You. I adore You, Lord. I adore You, Messiah. Oh that Your love has justified me. Words cannot express... not in this lifetime... I will spend all eternity singing Your praises, proclaiming Your truth, Oh how I love you. I am unworthy, but You have called me worthy. I am not good enough, but You have made me good enough. Words fail me Lord, but You alone know... You alone know the absolute depths of my passion and desires and trust in Your love, plan and goodness for me. Father rest on me today. Fill me with You. Fill me afresh. Pour out and overwhelm me. Overwhelm me today with who You are and how You love me. Overwhelm me Lord. Overwhelm me. All these things in Christ's precious name. Amen.

—Rosheeda Lee

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