Weary of the Battle?
Weekend Worship — Praying On Our Armor

The Beautiful but Dark Gateway

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comI left you earlier in the week with a scene from our kitchen table. My daughter had experienced a supernatural and scary encounter. But, you know as I think upon this, my heart soars… You know why? This 17 year old kid KNEW what to do. Somewhere, somehow, I’ve equipped her with enough to go into battle.

What really bugs me is that I had to equip her when she was five years old. “Mommy.” She came to me in her princess pajamas and rubbing her eyes. “Mommy, last night on my bed I saw red eyes that were in my stuffed animals. It scared me mommy.”

Good GRIEF!!!!!

I clearly remember this and I also remember that I believed her. Our kids need us to believe them. Children are told there is no such thing as the boogie man and sent back to bed, defenseless and vulnerable. They hid under the covers and shake because we haven’t equipped them.

Now, I know I’m not alone in stories like this. Kris Vallotton shares a similar story about his granddaughter seeing something scary in her room. Kris’s son calls him and Kris tells his son to tell the little girl to say out loud, “Get, out of here bad angels. Get out of my room.”

For me I calmly and with confidence said to my little girl, “Caitie, you don’t need to be afraid because you have Jesus with you. The red eyes can’t hurt you. But, they are only trying to scare you to keep from talking to Jesus. So, you just pray and command them to leave in the name of Jesus. You say, I bind you and you must get out in the name of Jesus. Say it over and over until it leaves.”

Man I tell you what, my daughter prayed but I went to war. I started praying like crazy, pacing the floor. Walking in her room. I roamed throughout the house with arms raised and speaking aloud the words of a warrior who is mad as a hornet and stirred with purpose. I prayed for legions of powerful angels to be dispatched from the throne room to flood our house. I prayed for warrior angels to stand at every door and window with swords drawn. I prayed down power and I prayed defeat, binding this evil in the name and by the blood of Christ. My friends, I STILL pray like this today. I seek constant protection around my home, around my family. I ask for this for each of them by name every single morning.

My prayers have changed in the years as I have learned more about the spirit realm. What I know is that fear, emotion, manipulation, bargaining doesn’t affect the demons. The only thing that will cast away an evil spirit is authority. We have all authority to do this, read again Luke 9:1-2.

Before I leave this story I think there is something interesting to be noted from my daughter’s recent encounter. Why did this evil return after being gone for so long. Now that’s a good question. I asked my daughter this question if you remember. Do you remember her answer?

She said, “It started the night when I watched that scary movie at the theater.”

My daughter opened the door to this activity. She went to a scary movie which gave permission to the enemy to enter her life. My daughter knows that watching anything scary produces this kind to stuff in her life. She has always been sensitive to the spiritual realm. After years and as she is approaching High School graduation, she believed she could handle this movie. After all it wasn’t even a horror or even a scary movie. It was a movie that was eerie and disturbing. But that’s all it took to invite the demons back.

My daughter told me the night she sat at the kitchen table that the shaking stopped, that she prayed. I was relieved. But she also said something very interesting, “Mom, I prayed, rolled over and ignored it. After all, really, what is it going to do to me? Stab me? It can’t.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

The power of ignore. Kris Valloton states it like this about his red-eyed tormentor: After months of this, rebuking the thing in Jesus name and reading scriptures to it, nothing seemed to faze it. Then one day the Lord gave me the Philippians principle: In no way be alarmed by your opponents, which is a sign of destruction for them, but of salvation for you. He called this “the power of ignore.”  (Phil 1:29) Read the book because this story is much more in depth and filled with God's power. 

Okay, let's go back to my daughter’s story. My friends, think about this. We work so hard to reveal the lies, rid our lives of sin, bring about forgiveness and we find a glimpse of freedom. But, then we turn right around and invite the tormentors right back in.

So here is my question? What are you allowing into your heart and mind that is an invitation to fear, deceit, lies and torment?

I’m compelled to tell you that if you are watching programs like Ghost Hunters, The Ghost Whisperer, Long Island Medium, etc. this is a very real open door. Also, things like Ouija boards, tarot cards, palm reading, even if it’s only just for fun, open-OPEN door.

Discernment is key in this area. We make hundreds of choices daily that either slam the door on the enemy or leave us vulnerable. Keeping the Dove of the Holy Spirit on my shoulder is a minute-by-minute surrender to the love and discernment of our Lord.

God is not a God of withholding experiences or fun from us. What the world tells you is fun, harmless and that you are an adult so you can partake is often a beautiful but deadly gateway to oppression.


Love you my friend, Lynn

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