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Monday Morning Update

LynnSUMprofileGood Monday Morning Everyone, 

My friends, forgive me for being a little out of the loop. I wasn’t able to be involved in the comments as last week I was really sick. I spent most of the week in jammies on the couch. I think I may have coughed up a lung at one point, but, I’m feeling a little better this week and today I have a ton to catch up. So if you emailed me, be patient, I will get back to you.

On a different note. Dineen and I received some letters in the mail from some of you last week. They were deeply touching and I know both Dineen and I cried when we read them. Thank you and Ro and Teresa T. I’m thinking you were behind this. THANK YOU!!!!! This is an amazing community and the richness of love and fellowship is not ordinary here. We are FAMILY!!

Dineen and I love all of you very, very much. 

I also want to let you know that last week I perceived in my spirit that our time to study Spiritual Warfare is ending. I’m convinced that we covered many aspects of warfare. I really hope it empowered you. So we are concluding that series now. If you want more information on warfare, buy Kris Vallotton’s book, Spirit Wars. It is illuminating and you will be emboldened like never before to fight against the darkness of this world.

I hope you found the series helpful. I earnestly pray you found freedom from the lies and that you discovered you have all authority and power to defeat the enemy of God.

So where do we go from here? I’m not certain and sometimes that’s a good thing. Dineen and I are not planning another series right now. We are asking the Holy Spirit to guide our writing here at SUM. But as I have asked God what to write about I keep coming back to a few different topics. And at the center of all of these topics is LOVE. I’m thinking my posts in the coming weeks will be about Relationship. Our relationship with our God, our husband, our children, and our relationship among our community here.

I think I want to write about how our healing in Christ brings about healing in our relationships on earth. How when God touches our heart and emotions with health we then impact our marriages. I want to talk about honor. How walking in honor can change everything and everyone around us.

Today, Monday, February 11, 2013 is the day I proclaim we will begin our intentional journey toward healing. Toward relationship revival. Toward salvation of our spouses. Toward the heartbeat of God. Today I’m asking God to bring about our spiritual, emotional and even physical healing. Because our healing is the beginning of healing for so many others.

Lord Almighty God,

This hour Father, in Jesus name, I proclaim Your promises of healing for us, your children. I proclaim the release of the captives from deceit, disease and distress. Lord, I’m asking you to touch each of us in a personal and powerful way. Lord, hear our hearts plea for provision, healing and deliverance. Place upon us Your eternal seal of love. Renew in each of us the profound abundance of GRACE. Let us glimpse the supernatural. Our Great King, I’m asking you to stir up a fire in our soul, a hunger so fierce in that it will not be quenched even under the heavy barrage of an unbelieving spouse.

Abba, Father, increase in us. Touch our lives with your boundless provision of financial blessings. Scatter upon our house the realization of the riches we already have. Provide for our every need and even our daily delights. Lord bring healing upon your people here. Heal our physical bodies, our broken hearts, fractured relationships, confuses children, torn up churches and beat up souls. This hour God I ask you to dispatch angels from heaven, each with a cup of healing water that flows from your throne. Send them to every person reading these words and pour that healing water upon them and onto their parched lips. Heal them in the name of Jesus. Heal them instantly and with power. Let them proclaim this is the day of the Lord.

And now Lord out of our great healing, let us, the many of this community take your love, your goodness, your compassion and healing to our homes, our churches our communities and let it flow from us like a gushing fountain THAT ALL WILL KNOW THE NAME OF JESUS. It is in You son's name, Jesus, the name above all name we ask in His power, all of these things. AMEN

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