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Self-Love And The Battle At Hand

Welcome to 2013!

IStock_000022174079XSmallFor the last month I've started praying for words for myself and my family and specific Scriptures to go with them. In the past my words for the year have come in the quietness of my prayers and in the tenderizing of my heart by God's gracious hand.

But this year's word has shown up like a horn blasting loud and long into the darkness, my friends, and I truly believe it's not just for me. God has big plans for us this year and is calling us to walk with Him on a journey to know Him more deeply and more powerfully in our lives.

That word blasting in my heart and mind is WORSHIP.

I type it in all caps because that is how I "see" it. It is bold and large and loud—a call for us to seek God as never before. I am not saying this should be your word for the year as well (though I dare say I am not the only one who is hearing God in this area—I look forward to reading your comments!), but pray and seek God for how He is calling you to expand this area of your life. We are all called to worship God and as I've shared in the past, when I asked God how I could draw closer to Him, He spoke very clearly, "You will find Me in worship."

And worship is so much more than just praising Him in our prayers and singing worship songs. Every moment of our lives can be acts of worship when we live them with an intentional awareness of His presence.

God wants our hearts, my friends. Totally and completely. I've felt led to start my mornings each day on my knees however briefly with the phrase, "Your day, Lord. Your way." These words have become my daily motto and almost a chant in my heart and mind. I know this is the work of the Holy Spirit to make my daily life one that worships God and equips me to walk in my God-given power and authority.

Now I want to hear from you. I sense deeply God is speaking to so many of us. If you are unsure of what you are hearing, let this be the place you can share and let this amazing community of believers come beside and assist you. I dare say many of us are hearing things from God in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our dreams for He is increasing His presence and His works in us, through us and around us, my friends.

Now is the time to pray boldly, wait expectantly and submit to Him completely. God has so much to show us this year!

Standing with you!

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