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Weekend Worship — Thank You, Rosheeda!

My friends, many of us spent this last week fasting and praying under the guidance of our dear friend, Rosheeda Lee. Ro has led this yearly fast for four years now and each year is different and phenomenal! If you didn't get to participate, don't worry! We plan to do this again in the next several months. I know I'm looking forward to that as well since I didn't get to do the whole week. And once a year just isn't enough.

So today, ask God for blessings for Ro. She has been part of our community from almost the very start and is now an integral part of this ministry. Ro also manages our Twitter page, something we desperately needed help with. Love how God put that together. I prayed for help and she emailed asking, "God said I need to help. What can I do?"

Seriously! I kid you not!

And Ro is always praying for Lynn and I and the SUM community. She's prayed for many of us this past week in detail too! 

Ro, thank you so much for all you have done this last week. It's been inspiring, uplifting and beautiful! We love you so much!

Father God, rain your blessings down upon Ro. Show Your deep pleasure with what she has done to serve You this week. Holy Spirit, please continue to increase in Ro so that every day increases her awareness of You and what You're doing around her. Lord Jesus, thank You for Ro's precious heart and for sending her to us. We are so thankful for her. In your powerful name, Jesus, amen!

NEXT WEEK: Be sure to come back on Monday as Lynn and I begin our spiritual warfare series. We have so much to share with you that we know will bless and empower you! 

And now, let's worship!
Love you all dearly, my friends!


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