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There ARE Victories in our Community, Listen In

Hello Dineen & Lynn! 

Wordle: Victory

I don't know if you remember me writing you asking for prayer regarding my marriage, it's been few months. I just wanted to say I am so thankful for all your prayers and support and blogs of encouragement and direction that helped me so much during my time of need. 

I have fought for my marriage through prayer and God's word. I am just amazed at all that I went through and was able to come this far through the grace of Jesus and support from everyone like you. In July my husband was saying he was still leaving me for another woman and that he COULDN'T love me anymore. I pressed on in God's word. 

During this time I became more aware of the demonic presence that was acting through my husband to destroy our marriage. I became bolder. One night coming home from my prayer meeting, as my husband came to bed, I could feel the thing creep into our room, I started to feel fear and anxiety and the pure evil move over my husband and try to creep over to me. I shouted out Stop! LEAVE ME ALONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I literally felt it creep back through my husband and start to leave. At that point I felt as though angels entered my room and removed it. I have not had an ordeal since then. My daughter previously had started having dreams of an evil presence to this also, which is why I became angry and bold. At the beginning of August. I was praising God for being God and doing all that He said He would do. I began to see an image I could not dismiss.  It was an image of a very angry and disgruntled demon being removed by four angels. I believed at that point I was experiencing the deliverance of my marriage. 

A week later my husband said he was not leaving. 

The Lord had told me that 17 would represent my victory. Our 17th anniversary was Sept 24th. My husband did not acknowledge our anniversary but I kept going in prayer. A week later he told me he was no longer talking to the other woman. It has still been a step by step process, as God has continued the healing and deliverance process not only for my marriage but for us as individuals. He gave me a verse a few weeks ago that said He was going to remove the oppression and the aggressor would be no more in my land. It has been awesome as He has begun removing all strongholds of the past and restoring all areas of my life and family (including mother, brothers, and sister). 

I have such a huge testimony and so much new knowledge!  You wrote once that one problem is many people don't want to fight for their marriage. I am so glad I withstood the horrible things that my husband did and said. God's glory has shone through all the circumstances. 

God said He was faithful.  He was. He said He was going to give me new life, new joy, and new memories. He is! He is totally working a new foundation for me and my family. I am so thankful, and so grateful! 

It also took learning to walk in unconditional love. The love of God really does conquer all. I really am standing in awe. Thank you for writing your book and sharing your wisdom and experiences. Thank you for your blogs. Thank you for all our prayer support! I pray for continued blessings and protection over you and your family! 

Happy Thanksgiving with lots of love!!!
Rachael Foushee
Always a daydreamer, always a believer!

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