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Okay, I have to tell you…. I’M FREAKED OUT!!! 

Dennis Rainey, stops the broadcast and speaks directly to my husband, Mike. 

FLT-bannerMy friends, this is the craziest, bestest, radio interview with Dineen and I to date. As I told you yesterday, I was able to listen in before the BIG DAY… And I about fell on the floor when I heard Dennis Rainey start talking to my husband. I had completely forgotten about this exchange. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it all. 

So, on Monday, THIS MONDAY (Yikes, already), FamilyLife Today with Host, Dennis Rainey and co-Host, Bob Lepine will welcome Dineen and me along with Darla Stone to a three day broadcast, “Married to an Unbeliever.” 

Dineen and I are praying that God will help men and women to “happen” on to a radio station exactly when we are on the air to find us at SUM. (oh ya, like it’s a coincidence, *grin*) We know so many are out there who feel alone in this crazy journey of the unequally yoked. We WANT them to find all of us. 

We are desperate to tell them that Jesus can and WILL make all the difference in their marriages and their lives and that Jesus brings healing, hope and JOY! 

Everyone, this broadcast is also about all of you. We don’t want it to be about us. It is our community which God has blessed. It’s about the love and the power that flows through all of us. So may Dineen and I humbly ask you to help us next week? 

Will you please decide today to partner with someone who lands on our site Monday and then again on Tuesday and once more on Wednesday? Will you see some young wife who is brave enough to leave a comment on the site and will you pray for her right there in the comments? Will you give your name and offer your love? Can you tell her you know how she feels? Can you say to her, there is hope? There is always hope because we serve the great God of the universe. 

Stop in once, twice or more each day. Pray for more than one newcomer. Pray for each other if you want. Just be present in the comments to love one another. So many of you have come so far in your journey and as you share your love, your testimonies, two amazing things happen in the spiritual realm. One: You OVERCOME… by the word of your testimony and TWO: you give great honor to our Lord. 

Do you remember where you were when you first found this online place? So, walk this out with us and share all that God has done in your life. 

So I ask you today: Are you in? (Let me know in the comments) 

I love you so much. Our Great God is preparing us to ROCK this world. The devil quakes when this community is in action. So let’s kick butt and take some names for the sake of Christ. 


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