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He Breathed On Me

Okay, I left you last week with this astonishing story of a girl who was ordered by the God of the Universe to free my husband from the prison cell where “I” had placed him. 

Can I just say: OUCH! 

Well what I have to share today is not only my husband’s freedom but mine as well. And mostly my friends, YOUR FREEDOM IS AT HAND. 

He Breathed On Me, Part Deux 

Many profound things happened to the three of us in the span of three days. And today, I’m of the humble place to share with you the most important thing that happened. 

We stood in the very real and tangible presence of our Holy God. At one point during the third day I was so overcome by His presence that I was absolutely paralyzed and sorta like electrocuted (in a good way). I will explain in a future post. 

But out of this experience we took home with us a new reality of God’s personal presence in our life. It is the revealed purpose of the Holy Spirit. 

Now I’ve walked with God and Jesus and within the Holy Spirit for a long time. However, I was clueless about the Holy Spirit and His intricate leadership of the believer’s life. And it was at the conference God said in some fashion, “You are going to be indwelled, empowered and live in the anointing of my Holy Presence.” 

Can I just say: Whoa! 

And can I just say, “I’m not worthy but God loves me that much.” And He loves you that much. He wants all of us to live in The Presence. It’s in The Presence that lives are transformed. You begin to see everything and everyone differently. You discover things that were once enormously important, like writing a book or even your husband’s immediate salvation are insignificant and irrelevant. What matters is living sensitive to the flame of the dove that rests upon your shoulder. 

I recall being on the phone with Dineen a few days after we arrived home from our trip. At one point we said the same thing at the same time, “It just doesn’t matter anymore.” And what we mean by this is that living in the Presence is complete surrender. Complete belief and complete trust. 

  • Thus, if we are to write another book, God will bring it to pass. If we don’t, it just doesn’t matter.
  • Our spouse’s salvation. It’s a forgone conclusion and God will bring it about when He is ready.
  • Funding for our daughter’s college. God has this covered. And not only covered. He has selected the school for my daughter, the man she will marry and even the financial blessing to pay for the wedding. Wow! 

And what if none of this happens? It just doesn’t matter because we live in a place with a God that loves us so much that He will take care of us. Now perhaps this sounds shallow or hallow. And what if God takes care of us and moves us to a shack in Nairobi. It is possible. God rarely does what we expect and often calls us to participate in the unexpected. But living in the thriving Presence makes ALL THINGS POSSIBLE (Matthew 19:26). Makes all things joyful and all things are unto His glory, purpose and for His worship.

Okay, sorry, bunny trail. I just get so excited. 

Let me share this scripture. I pray with everything in me that you read this and receive it as yours, personally from Jesus. John 20:21-22(NIV) 

Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit changes things, changes people. 

I heard Bill Johnson explain it this way. In the Old Testament God’s people were commanded to stay far away from sin. Why? Because sin contaminates, damages, and separates us from God. For example if you were to touch a Leper, you became unclean. 

Are you with me? Now really listen closely. 

Jesus came (N.T.), the human example of how to Host the Presence of God and to bring His Kingdom to earth. Now get this. When Jesus came He not only touched but he brought healing. The Leper becomes clean. The New Testament purpose is for us modern day believers is to touch others and bring healing and wholeness.

What a paradigm shift.


Everything Jesus did for three years was a model for human kind how to Host God’s Presence and to bring His Kingdom to earth. Jesus prayed, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. This prayer was not for a Kingdom in the future. IT IS FOR RIGHT NOW. His Kingdom is now. On earth! And we, His people are the chosen ones to bring it to the nations. 

How? By hosting His Presence through the Holy Spirit. 

So what happens to us when we become living hosts of the Holy Spirit? Ahhhhh, now we are getting somewhere. We will have to tackle that question in my next post. For today, I want you to really wrangle with what I’ve shared. I want you to beg, on your face, if necessary that Jesus would breathe a fresh Holy Spirit anointing upon you. Share with me your thoughts. Where you are in this life-long journey. What questions stir in your soul? 

I will see you again next post when I share the most profound point to all of us who are married to unbelievers.

I love you my friends. I really love you! Living in His Presence, Lynn

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