God’s Unexpected Healing, Part 3
There ARE Victories in our Community, Listen In

Happy Thanksgiving

Dineen and I bring each of you our friends before the Lord today and we give thanks. We are thankful for your friendship, your trust and mostly that you are part of our lives. We are thankful that you are living to thrive in your spiritually mismatched marriage. We give thanks that you love Jesus and are seeking Him with all of your heart. 

We are thankful that Jesus chose us, chose you before the world began. 

We are thankful. 

Lord we give you all praise, honor and glory. May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

Nepali villagersWe are thankful for the amazing love you have shown to the Nepali people. We are thankful that we raised nearly a $1,000 through small donations. So many of you gave and I promise you it will have a lasting impact on the Kingdom. 

So today on this day marked specifically in the US to give thanks, we are sooooo thankful. 

And to Jennifer, Karen, Morag, Heather, Laura, Kathy, Dragan, Janet, Sherry, and Danielle, I have prayed this prayer over you. I BELIEVE it for you. I ask you to watch now what God will do in you: Pray along with me. 

As we received these offerings we are believing our Father for: 

Jobs and Better jobs
Benefits sales and commissions
Estates and inheritances
Gifts and surprises
Debts paid off
Blessings and increase
Raises and bonuses
Favorable settlements
Interest and income
Checks in the mail
Finding money
Expenses decrease 

Thank you Father for meeting all of my financial needs that I may have more than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah! * 

Now I want to leave you with a message from Lisa who started our miracle mission. 

Here's a thank you for your "bless my socks off" community.   Oh my goodness, if they only knew how often I think of them and pray for them! Thank you, Lynn, for bringing this family of believers into my life. I have been sooo blessed by you and by them!!   ~Lisa  

For those of you who have cheerfully contributed toward the purchase of the mosquito nets, a mere "thank you" falls so far short of what's really in my heart! You have never seen the faces of those who will receive your gift of love. You haven't walked their village paths or stepped into the doorway of their mud homes. You've not drank from their tea cups or eaten from their rice bowls. You've not held their callused hands or listened to their life's story. You don't know these people and they don't know you. And yet, because you know that Jesus loves them, you have loved them also. THAT is true Christianity! My "thank you" is immeasurably less than our Lord will give, but please accept my sincere "thank you, thank you, thank you!" and know that I am deeply moved by your great love and generosity. As Christmas draws closer, I'm continually imagining how AWESOME it's going to be for each family to receive their very first Christmas present...one more "kiss" from the Lord, whose eyes are always on them and knows their every need. 

Oh Father, Giver of all good things...Abraham could no more count the stars in the sky than we can count the blessings that you have poured out onto us. And now Lord, you have brought to our attention a beautiful way in which to bless others. Thank you for entrusting us with this plan of yours and for imparting such joy into our hearts as we have given! Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive. May your love be entwined in each net, bringing help and hope to each family who receives one. And may your hand of favor rest on each of us and each of them as we anxiously await the time when we will encircle your throne and worship you together with united heart and voice!! 

*Bethel Church

Happy Thanksgiving

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