When Love Abounds: Four Choices to an Intentional Christmas

Chronicles, Announcements, Updates, Training, Radio... All Rolled Into One.

Hi Everyone, Lynn Here. 

Today is an update and it’s likely to be a bit rambling because there is so much going on in my head and life that it’s likely my busy brain will kick something out and I won’t remember to tell you until later in this post. 

Please forgive me and Dineen as we feel we have been busy, just like you with relatives, guests and the holiday. We have felt a bit distracted from our love and passion, ALL OF YOU. But, we are here. We have talked on the phone this past week and our love for this community, our prayers and our hearts for you continues to just grow and grow. 

Let’s start with our Community Miracle. Gang, WOW just WOW. We raise more than a $1,000 for the Nepali’s first Christmas. Dang, and that was by $5, $10, & $15 donations. There are a lot of good hearts in this community. 

I hope you read the thank you from Lisa, (read it here)

Guess who visited the Donovan Clan home for Thanksgiving? My son and his wife, Felicia. Here's a photo.


Imported Photos 00007
Brad, Felicia, Caitie, Mike


* I love it that she's a Broncos fan. God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were married in September and my friends a granddaughter on the way next year.


I’m still freaked out to think that soon some little person will be following me around saying, “Grandma.” Oh but I can’t wait. I’m going to be taking that adorable child on many a “candy break.” My Grandpa used to take me and my siblings to the candy store when we were kids, give us a small brown bag, and say to us, “Fill ‘em up.” 

OH YEA!!!!! THIS Grandma believes in spoiled grandchildren. Woo Hoo. 

Flourish Living is a new Christian women’s magazine where Dineen and I are regular contributors. This magazine is fantastic. In fact, this month’s article written by Dineen is titled, Great … and no so great…. Expectations. It’s outstanding and my article in the new year is titled: Sexless Marriage. My friends, join in this adventure with us. A perfect Christmas gift for your friends, a gift subscription is only $19.95. And if you subscribe you receive two magazines. One for you and one to give away. The magazine is also in its year-end financial campaign. They give away a ton of their magazines and so support is a large part of their budget. Take a listen to Myra Houser the Editor. 

Okay, onward.

FltWhich brings me to FamilyLife Today. I actually was able to have a sneak peak (or sneak listen) to the broadcasts today and my friends, Jesus is honored. The boradcast is spread over three days, beginning next Monday, December 5th.

Dineen and I are hopeful that you would rally behind the women and men who arrive at our site next week. They need to be loved on, just like you were loved on when you arrived at SUM. I think THE most impactful greeting a woman can receive is a word or a prayer from someone else in our community. 

I will share with you more tomorrow. 

And let’s see. Oh ya, in December Dineen and I are feeling the Holy Spirit moving us to write about love. Now this tiny word is so overused but we are going to be talking about the power of love and every component of God’s love, beginning with self-love. I can’t wait. 

Then in January after our community fast, we are jumping right into the “get real” stuff. Spiritual warfare. We will explain it, instruct it and launch you into it with power and purpose like never before. So hang on to your hats. The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing. Our community is marching. We are loving. We are walking in victory after victory. 

There are marriages to revive. There are relationships that God intends to make thrive. There are children who are to be trained to impact the world. There are eternities at stake. AND there is a God who loves us every day and longs for us to recognize His presence. 

It’s going to be a blast. My friends, choose love. It wins every time. I love you. Lynn 

1 John 4:18a There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.

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