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How Long Has It Been?

My Biggest Cheerleader by Martha Bush

It is my profound privilege to introduce to you today another of our long-time community members, Martha Bush. I have come to know Martha and love her deeply. She has a heart for the spiritually mismatched and guides a group of ladies at her home church. Today I' welcome Martha as she has a short sotry to share with all of us. Hugs, Lynn


My Biggest Cheerleader 

Front-Book-Cover -Train WindowDan Brack, children’s pastor at my church, came to me several years ago and said:  “I have got a lot of hurting children in children church.  Can you help me?”  Dan knew that I had taught The Grieving Process to adults for a number of years, and thought perhaps that I could put together a condensed version of it for children church. 

Well, the short of the long is this:  When the first draft was completed, Heather, my daughter, suggested that I have a professional editor in Austin edit it, which I did.  Somewhere along the line, I was re-united with a student I had over 25 years ago in New Orleans.  He is a professional illustrator, and author himself.  So, he became my illustrator. 

And now six years later, what started out as a study course for Dan, I am almost ready to publish my first book, entitled Helping Hurting Children:  A Journey of Healing.  I am so excited, and give God all the glory and praise for bringing me to the place. 

But, there’s more!  Guess who has been in the midst of this and who has been my biggest cheerleader?  You got it - -my unsaved husband, Glen.  He has been my “tech-man” by documenting, filing illustrations in folders, sizing pictures, and whatever else that needed to be done on this computer that I do not know much about.  And yes, he has even read most of it (scriptures included) and given me his opinions on the clarity of it. 

And now about the publishing.  I just kept on writing, not really knowing what I was going to do with it.  But, there was a time when I was out of town, and Glen got on the phone to WestBow Press, a publishing company that we had had a couple of conversations with in the past.  When I got back from out of town, he said:  “I told them how passionate you were about this book for children.  I also told them what was in each chapter, and how valuable the information would be to children.  I also put up the money today for the contract to publish with them.” 

I sat speechless.  Here is a man who calls himself an agnostic and yet------he spends his money on a “God Book” for children?  Where else have you heard of that happening???  Yes, Lynn and Dineen’s atheist husbands are their biggest cheerleaders also. 

I tell you this ladies to say:  I know this is a God thing and that He is working in our husband’s lives when we may not be fully aware of it.  So, let’s be encouraged and continue to support one another in the midst of our SUM.  Together, we can learn to be our husband’s biggest cheerleader, too. 

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