Redefining My Marriage
Pray With Power, Real Power

Living In The Presence

My friends, it is impossible….. 

It is impossible to stand in the presence of Almighty God and not be changed. 

Little did three unsuspecting women know what God had in store for us. We stepped out in faith and with a hunger to discover more about God. We were not, WE WERE NOT, disappointed. 

My friends, so much happened to us that my head is spinning. So much is STILL happening and I want to shout it to you. I want you to know what I know. I want you to live in the presence with Dineen and I and if it is all I write about for the rest of my life, then I have fulfilled my calling. I’m going to try to take you through some of our experiences, praying with passion, that as you read them on the computer screen you will begin to experience God’s powerful love as well. 

Let me give you a glimpse of what I will be writing about in the coming months.While at the conference:

  • I had a God encounter that brought me to the floor, TWICE. The second time was so wild that I don’t even know how to tell you about it yet.
  • Dineen and I experienced Holy Laughter.
  • We watched God heal people’s physical bodies all around us and in us (this is a future Heidi story).
  • We saw gold dust. Worshiped among the nations with power. We LOVED. 

And we are in love. 

This is only a few of our experiences and as we traveled in the car on the way back to the airport, He birthed something new and that has been growing in us since then. It is powerful, centered in love and transforming. More on that too and what has happened since then. 

I asked God what to share with you today. And He impressed upon me to share just a few things. 

God is desperate for you. He holds you, your spouse, your marriage and your family in His very hand. He also has so much to teach you so get ready because we are going to continue our journey in the Kingdom and my friends, it is EPIC! 

I want to share a tiny bit about how we ended up at Bethel church in Redding, CA. Do you remember I said months ago, several, several times, that God is moving and there is something happening in the spiritual realm that He wants our community to be part of? Well, this is it. It’s a modern day revival. I always wondered what the old-time revivals were like, what they looked like, how they affected the people. And now I have witnessed it firsthand. In fact, I’m living in it now as we speak. 

In July I heard about Bethel and the amazing things that were happening there. I did some checking about the church and discussed it with several of my trusted and Godly friends. And then immediately registered for the next conference. Then discovered I couldn’t afford the airfare, travel, hotel, etc. Well after an astonishing answer to prayer and an even more miraculous string of events that is too long to share here, God provided the money and the people to travel with me. 

We arrived at the church and began to meet God’s people. People came from everywhere around the globe. Here is a photo of Nikki and Tim. They are brother and sister and arrived from England.


We met them as we stood in line. And then proceeded to stand in line with them for the rest of the conference. We adore them both. We met people from all over America and travelers from Switzerland, Scotland, and Germany. People arrived from Venezuela, Hong Kong, the Philippines. It was a calling and we came. 

So today, God wants me to share the sights and photos so you can visually bring yourself into this journey. The photos are below. I will be talking about some of the people in them at length as we journey forward. 

But today I have to ask you this. Did you re-sign? Did you read Dineen’s post from Monday? If not, after this head over there. I want to share this photo with you. 


On Friday, October 12, 2012 at the speaker’s prompting, I wrote down this commitment. And I also wrote down “A New Gift!” Well God takes this re-sign - thing very serious and He gave me a new gift. More on that to come. 

So I’m asking you to re-sign this week. You are part of Dineen's and my heart. This community is going to walk this re-sign together and be hungry for all God wants to give. In order to take this journey, I must ask of you two things. These two things I asked of Heidi and Dineen as we rode in the car together toward Redding last Wednesday. 

One: Be very careful to not judge. God warned me that it was not my place to judge others in how they choose to worship God or experience him. I cast out, with determined purpose, to not look upon one other person with judgment or with condemnation. Doing so would deny my entrance into His presence. 

Two: Enter in without expectations and with great expectation. Leave all your preconceived ideas about what you want from God through this experience out of this journey. God hates agendas. He gives unto each of His people in vastly different ways. He also manifests His presence in various ways to an individual. Don’t expect to see gold dust but be filled with wonder and joy if you do. 

Expect to have an encounter with God. I pleaded with God for months in my prayers like this: Lord I am so hungry for more of You. I will pay whatever the cost. I just want more. I want Your presence. I will travel great distances. I will surrender my dignity. I just want more.

God LOVES to answer these kinds of prayers. And my friends, there is a cost. 

Attending this conference caused a paradigm shift and it comes down to two things. Today I’m going to share a statement and I will ask this question of you frequently in the weeks ahead. 

Here we go: Everything we do, all of our thoughts, actions, intentions, attitudes are driven out of two things: Fear or love. 

Really think this through. Think about some of your current conflicts are they fear driven or driven by love. 

Love and fear cannot co-exist. And that is the power we have over the devils in the spiritual realm and every relationship we have. We are going to talk a lot about love. Love of our God for us and our love for people. If you walk this with me, I will make a promise to you about a few things. 

One: You will begin to see things differently. I went to Wal-Mart on Monday and my friends, for the first time I SAW people. I really saw them. I can’t wait to tell you what happened. 

Two: You will encounter God like you didn’t know was possible. You will change. Everything will change in you and around you. 

Three: Your marriage will be a blissful place, a place of power and love and thriving. 

Okay, I’m sure there is much more but let’s discover together as we step into this “revival thing.” Let’s not be left out but be part of what God is doing on earth. 

For today, re-sign with Dineen (see Monday’s post). Contemplate where you are living. In fear? In love. 

Here are the photos. On Monday we will talk about a single verse of the Bible that was given to me at the conference that radically changed everything for me. I love you and now when I say this it seems to be so shallow as I have said it to you in the past. But my friends, 



Dineen, Heidi, Lynn. The first night.


Wait till I tell you about the Worship!


Lynn, Bill Johnson, Dineen. The first night.


Heidi, Bill and Lynn


My favorite photo. It's on my desktop now.

Heidi in front of this cool painting that they painted during worship.



Heidi, Dineen in worship. Loved the young men from North Carolina who sat behind us this night. Awesome.


Long after the end of the second day. We sat in the auditorium and experienced a serene, peaceful presence. I didn't want to leave. So we stayed for a long time.

This was a profoundly healing moment for Heidi.

And there was hilarity. I laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more.

The end of the third night. Three women profoundly changed for eternity.

I have more photos and will share them as we move forward. Be blessed, be encouraged increase, and breakthrough and power and fresh-fire, I pray for you. <3 Lynn



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