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Twenty-Five Years and a Slip of the Tongue?

IStock_000016816249XSmallLast week was my 25th wedding anniversary. A pretty big deal on my side of the family. I'm the first to be marriad that long. My husband, however, comes from a family of long marriages. I mean yeeeeeaaaaaars. His parents just celebrated their 48 years in April. Amazing...

I confess, it boggles my mind and I give God all the credit. I give my hubby some too. LOL! He's a wonderfully patient man, thank goodness. 

What I really love is looking back and seeing how far God has brought my marriage from that heartbreaking day when my guy first told me he'd chosen to be an athesit to now, which brings me to funny little story.

My husband and I have discussions on occasion about how I believe God works in our lives. You and I can talk like best friends and sisters about "God-incidences" and blessings and totally understand that these things really happen. My guy just can't wrap his brain around that and calls it all coincidence.

One phrase I've used that gets his head shaking or his eyes rolling is "Godsend." Nope, just doesn't work for him. But I still say it, because, well, it's true! LOL!

This past weekend we had a chance to stay with friends in San Francisco. On Sunday we went for a walk through the city and wound up in Ghirardelli Square. All these wonderful vendors had their wares out. One in particular caught my eye. This designer (Christian Gardelle) makes these gorgeous pieces out of copper (if you go the website, the earrings we bought are in the top left corner).

As  my husband goes to pay, he comments on the man's use of SquareUp, which gives merchants the ease of using all types of credit cards for one low fee and no paperwork from the companies). My sweet hubby then makes this statement:

"That's a real Godsend for you, isn't it?"

I'm so glad I was standing behind him and out of eyesight, because I know my mouth dropped open big enough to fit the man's entire display case! My turn to shake my head and giggle.

And that's all I did. I didn't say a word, didn't even point it out. I honestly do not think he even realized he said it. But it sure told me one thing.

He's been listening and watching me live my faith. For 17 or our 25 years of marriage. My husband said he was looking forward to the next 25 years. 

Oh, me too! Me too! What a Godsend that will be. Hee hee...

Praying & believing,

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