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Rosh Hashanah - Join Us

UPDATE: I will be offline from Sunset on Sunday through Monday evening. But please leave your names and your prayer requests because I will be praying over them the rest of the week. ~Lynn


My friends, thank you for your amazing comments on the post last Friday. I’m blown away. I wanted to respond to each one however, in the midst of such a milestone the devil tries to take back ground and destroy. Let’s just say on Friday there was a lot of crying going on at the Donovan house due to an unexpected turn of events with regard to my daughter. 

I know many of you saw my few posts on Facebook and I’m deeply thankful for your prayers. It was your prayers that allowed me to walk with her through this trial and retain a somewhat calm mind and heart. I want to assure you that everything has worked out. I am fine and so is my daughter. In fact, God has redeemed much already and that is a very happy thing. I have learned some much needed lessons through this weekend and one day will share them with you. For now, I’m still allowing God to continue to work things out, to teach me and my daughter through it. 

Okay, enough of that. ONWARD.. 

On Monday over at 1Peter3Living the crowd has agreed to fast and pray together. Can I just say I love this community of believers. Monday is Rosh Hashanah. That is the beginning…. God’s New Beginning. This day is considered the “New Year” in the Jewish tradition and calendar. 

What a perfect day to be humble, fast and to pray seeking God’s hand in our lives. So I invite all of you in our community to also plan to fast and pray for your spouse this Monday, September 16 & 17th. We will be fasting from sunset on September 16th through sunset of the 17th. This is the Jewish tradition for fasting. 

Kinda cool, huh?? 

This is a wonderful time to participate in something very old and precious to our Lord. So if you can, join us. 

Sunset where I live on September 16: 2012 begins at 6:51 p.m. PST

Sunset on September 17, 2012 is 6:51 p.m. PST  

If you can fast, let me know and let me know your husband’s name as I will pray for his salvation just as we are doing over at 1P3.So I will plan to join my family for dinner at 7 p.m. Monday evening and break the fast. I’m expecting my prayers to avail much. I want God to be honored by my life. I will be asking His favor upon my life, my family and all whom I have contact. I will be asking for chains to be broken and for freedom of the captives. I will be seeking the anointing of the Holy Spirit. But mostly my prayer time will be devoted to just be in His presence. 

Love all of you Happy New Year!!!! Hugs, Lynn 

For many of you who are new to our community, we fast every year the first week of the year. Here are some links to information about fasting. Visit our Archives (here) and scroll through these posts. Also to read up on some interesting facts and listen to the Shofar, visit Hebrew for Christians.

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