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Receiving Grace

716045_handsLast week I spent five days and four nights in Dallas, Texas at the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) conference. This was my eighth year to go and yet again God had some things to show me.

Maybe you're wondering why I'm sharing this here since I keep my fiction side (nonfiction authors call it the dark side. LOL!) in a separate hemisphere. Maybe I shouldn't do that because everywhere I go, I take this precious SUM community with me. I brag about how we support and pray for each other. I love letting others know we are there to help and encourage.

Two copies of Winning Him Without Words stowed away in my suitcase and went home with two new friends. A dear woman who's now divorced yet still grieves over her unsaved husband and a man who longs to share his faith with his wife. They found me in a sea of 675 people attending this conference.

Don't you just love how God takes care of us and leads us to what we need even in the most unlikely of places?

God took care of me while I was there too. One of the things I love about this conference is our times to praise and worship God in between our times to meet with editors and agents, to sit in workshops to learn and grow in our craft, and time spent with old and new friends. We all desire to serve God through our writing.

Connecting with the people there is a blessing I treasure. There is nothing like sharing your faith with others who love God, especially when we can't at home. My spirit was fed and watered several times.

And in an evening of worship God spoke to my heart. I will share very openly what that was, but please understand that this is how God communicates with me. Almost every year, God tells me something about my husband. I'm still processing it because this time the mental image He gave me with it is new.

I saw my husband on his knees, head down and shoulders slumped as if broken in spirit. What God spoke to me was, "My will is done. Now believe Me."

What struck me so strongly was not what I saw even though I confess I find it hard to imagine. No, it was the tense of the first part of what He said. It wasn’t His will would be done but it is done.

Though I’m still processing this latest piece of the puzzle to the big picture of my husband’s salvation, the other thing God spoke to me connects very clearly to something He said to me last year:

Know My grace.

This journey of knowing God's grace has been confusing at times. Ultimately I've had to let go and let Him show me what He wanted me to know instead of figuring it out myself. I'm learning to rest in Him and let Him do the work in me instead of trying to make something happen. As I stood in worship after hearing His words to me about my precious hubby, God had a specific massage for me:

Receive My grace.

So I received His grace in that moment. My posture changed from head down and hands clasped to face up and arms out to my sides. Now I'm not a showy girl. I don't easily lift my hands to worship because I'm shy and feel awkward, but you know what, God doesn't care about that. He wants us to be completely in the moment, free and joyful in Him.

And I not only stood there with my face up and my hands out at my sides. I started to giggle. Yep, you heard me. I giggled right there.

Hmmm, faith like a child. That is exactly what I felt like. God's little child, laughing and delighting in the Father's grace.

Sometimes what God wants to show us comes as we expect it. Most times I’m finding that what He has for us vastly surpasses anything we can imagine or expect. And the more I learn about God, the more I realize how little I know of the vast greatness and goodness of our Creator. I am undone and overwhelmed by His goodness almost on a daily basis.

My friends, God has so much to share with us. He longs to show us so much of Who He is and how much He loves us. It’s all there just waiting for us to receive it.

To receive Him. And all we have to do is stand there and say yes.

Again I am undone.

Love you all dearly,


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