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Does God Have a Ministry For You?

Lynn here: For many, many years I honestly believed that if my husband was not a believer, I could not serve in any ministry. That is a lie from the pit of hell and I want to blow that myth completely out of the water. In fact, today it's my delight to share a new ministry that God brought through one of our long time readers here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Let me introduce to you Courtney Silberman:


How Encouraging Women for Christ Encouraged Me
By Courtney Silberman


Courtney Silberman
Courtney Silberman
God said, It’s time. I was back from my trip to Israel and finishing my last assignment for seminary. Now what was I going to do? God had given me a vision for an online women’s ministry, but I had no web development company to work with. I had tried two last fall and neither one was the right fit. I began to feel discouraged.  I began to feel despair. But God has a way, at just the right time, of turning things around to show He alone is God.


I drove to meet my Bible study group one evening in late May. We had a close group, but I hadn’t really told them about God’s plan for me to build a website. I admitted my discouragement that evening and told them why. Then one of my friends mentioned a web development company she uses for her organization. Almost right away, I knew. I knew this was the one. God said, It’s time.

I was excited, but one thing made me uneasy—my husband. I had thought by now he would have come to faith. I never expected to begin this ministry without him understanding why I would pour my heart into an endeavor he knew little about. I admit I got angry with God and said, rather uncharacteristically, “I’m not doing this until you save my husband.” I fought Him for two days before making the phone call to the web development company. Looking back, He was so kind to me. He sat there, like the Compassionate Father He is, and listened. During my protests, He kept saying, Trust Me.

There were many people God brought alongside me to build the site and get it launched. He brought in each person with the perfect gifts to fill the needed role for the ministry. But no one could fill the role God had designed specifically for my husband—financial planner and resource. Even though my husband has yet to profess his faith, God is using him daily to help the ministry.

I learned something big—God can use our husbands in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Here is a ministry, founded by a woman, whose husband is deeply involved, and he doesn’t even believe (yet)! Does that not show the power of our Lord Jesus Christ?

I want to encourage all of you in a similar situation now—if God is calling you to do something in ministry, trust that He has taken care of your husband as well. If you stay true to His Word and obey Him, He can use you to fulfill His plans in the world. Don’t back down thinking you could never do this without a husband who understands your faith. Our God is way bigger than we think and can do much more than we can imagine. With God, all things are possible.

Ministry Name: Encouraging Women for Christ
Web: http://EncouragedinChrist.org
Email: Courtney@EncouragedinChrist.org
Facebook: Encouraging Women for Christ
Twitter: @EncouragedToday

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