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Worship With Feathers?????

From this humble writer, I tell you that I woke on Monday morning with anxiety over the post I shared that morning. It can be scary when you write or speak about God’s supernatural. All throughout the night, I prayed. I prayed for you. I prayed for every reader that would stop in and read the post about God’s power descending on me in church. I prayed asking God for an anointing over the words I shared. I prayed that people would see Him and desire to grow closer to Him. 

So Monday morning came and as I read my Bible and then dressed to head out on my walk-n-pray, I was asking the Lord for His anointing upon the words. To change lives. That the words would be received and not ridiculed. I felt insecure and unsettled. 

I have been reading lately about the New Testament Church in Acts and about the miracles of the disciples. I am puzzled as to why we don’t see supernatural healing and empowerment by God in our modern-day church. I picked up a book recently that addresses this very thing. The author was describing some pretty amazing things that are happening in his church. It’s a hugely encouraging book to me. 

On Sunday night I read a portion of the book that described an unusual phenomenon. Feathers appear out of nowhere. The pastor at first thought there were birds in the air conditioning ducts at church. But feathers began appearing in other buildings at church, in restaurants, at home. He went on to say that it makes you wonder about God. And has no other purpose than to be valued as an act of God. 

Well if you have been a reader here for anytime, you will know that I am convinced God sends doves to me. They are His personal message to assure me He has angels surrounding me, protecting me and often times the doves arrive during my morning walk and worship for the soul purpose to delight me. 

In fact, several weeks back I rose early for a walk after finally feeling like I finished a spiritual battle. I was exhausted but elated. As I walked that morning I came up over a hill and onto a road. Stepping on the road I looked up. Two doves were flying down the road straight toward me at breakneck speed and at my eye level. I froze, they were coming fast and we were about to have a collision. At the very last second, they both swerved and flew off to my right. As they turned, a tiny feather popped off one of the birds. It floated gently down and I reached out my hand. The feather gently glided into my palm. 

I smiled. 

God delighted. 

This feather experience occurred prior to me realizing (reading) that God sends feathers to people….. And it still boggles my mind because…..  He does things like this……..Just for fun…. 

So back to Monday. I hop in my car. I’m still praying for a Holy anointing over the words. I praying as I drive to the park where I walk. I’m half way there and stopped at an intersection. And as I look at the red light, still praying, slowly a large feather twirls down RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. 


I got to the park. Freaked out. Thrilled. Humbled and elated. I think I cried tears of sure amazement and joy on that walk. 

010Well that’s not all. Later in the day, I told my daughter this story right before we head off to Golden Spoon. And yes, you guessed it. As we are in the store I spot another feather right outside the door. I ask her, “Did you see that when we came in?” 


And today, another…. 

My friends, this story about feathers may seem dumb or a coincidence. But, I find it utterly fascinating that as soon as I read about the feathers the very next day a large feather falls out of the sky right above me. The skeptics will say it’s a coincidence. After all, there are birds that fly above cars. 

And you know what? I don’t care. I KNOW God delights in me and He is a blast. He likes to make Himself known and show off for those of us who have learned how to see Him. 

Monday’s story and this week’s encounters are only the most recent that I have enjoyed with God. There have been so many more. I share a lot of them when I speak at churches. 

So why am I tell you about these. Because I think God wants me to tell you that He is desperate to have this kind of relationship with you. He wants to delight you. To protect you. To speak wisdom to you. 

I want you to also know the supernatural of God because it’s astounding to witness Him in action. All I can do is share with you my experience and how I came to this point in my relationship with the Lord. I hope my story will encourage you to step off on this path. 

Which brings us back to worship. It all starts with worship. So next week I will talk you through my journey because I’m desperate for you to join me. 

My friends, the revival is brewing. The supernatural power of God is being and will be released. It will be scary and fantastic all at the same time. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines. I want to live on the edge with my Jesus. I want to be part of what God is doing on earth. I am His chosen people and He has plans. 

Jesus is edgy. His love and lessons will stretch you, confound you and draw the critics to your life. But, it’s the most fun and exciting way to live life on earth. 

This life will thrill you beyond your wildest dreams and it will also take your places you didn’t know you could go. It will also demand all of you. So my question to you today is this: 

Are you willing to give Him your time? Your money? Your pride? Your dignity? Your life? 

Or do you want to cling to what you want and your dreams? These are very convicting questions. So I ask you to truly pray about them. 

Do you want the feather experiences. The doves, the balloons. The victories? They will come but only on His terms. 

My name is Lynn Donovan. I have decided to follow Jesus. 

No turning back. 

No turning back.


Are you in? 


PS. See any doves in your yard? Email me a photo: [email protected] Hugs, Lynn

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