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Who is This Man?

4811379_sOn Sunday my hubby called me from the disc golf course and asked if I’d like to go to a movie with him. It took me a few seconds in my fumbling surprise to say yes.

Why? Because we have had this ongoing disconnect about going to the movies. I know this sounds a bit feeble so let me fill you in a little.

When we lived in Europe our favorite thing to do on Friday nights was to watch a movie and eat homemade nachos. I LOVED this time together and we had fun! It was a way for us to connect and have something in common.

Then over time our tastes in movies have changed, I guess. It’s gotten harder and harder to find something we both want to watch. And I have so missed those times together.

Recently, I asked him to take me to the new Batman movie, thinking it would be one we’d both enjoy, but he kept hemming and hawing about it. I didn’t understand why either so I let the poor guy off the hook and said I’d go see with my older daughter, Rachel.

Now back to the scene with me on the phone. After I finally squeaked my answer, I’m expecting he’ll suggest Batman, right?


He wants to take me to see Hope Springs, a new movie with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones about a middle aged couple trying to reconnect and make their marriage come back to life.

I stutter out another, “sure!”, while this is going through my head:

This is the man who runs as fast as he can from any movie resembling a chick flick, the man who can’t stand to watch any kind of drama (Hope Springs is a mix of drama and humor), the man who seems to have a penchant only for slapstick comedy along the lines of The Three Stooges and Will Ferral. And now he wants to see a movie about a married couple?

Who is this man and what did he do with my husband?

When I expressed my surprise in regard to the choice of movie (which I was totally happy with because what I really wanted was to just go to see a movie WITH him)—Hope Springs vs. Batman—I got a new insight into this change. He no longer wants to watch violence. He’s never been an avid fan of such movies, but he seemed to enjoy action and adventure movies overall. Now that seems to be too much violence for him too.

So we go to the movie. Despite the previews, there’s more drama than comedy (along with the intimacy/sex issue) but it’s a good story. 

And he likes it! Wants to see more movies like that with me. He even references one of my favorites, Julie and Julia, as an example. I’m stunned. I’d given up getting him to go to movies at all, let alone one in this genre, which are my favorite.

I think God showed up big time and gave His own show. And I am loving every minute of it.

Praying and believing,

(P.S. I give my youngest daughter, Leslie, credit for the inspiration behind this post.)

Image credit: swhite / 123RF Stock Photo

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