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My friends, today I bring you a special treat. A letter to all of us in this community from Durda who lives in Croatia. Her words will bless you and she brings great wisdom to light on how to stand against the devil for your marriage. I pray you will leave her a note in the comments. Hugs, Lynn


image from static.ddmcdn.comHi to all there, every person who joint this group and to you Lynn and Dineen.Father bless you all in all your efforts. My name is Đurđa.I'm from Croatia.Me and my husband have four children, four boys. I find this page before two days, because i felt deep inside of me need for many answers that bothers me a lot, so i typ on google something like "what if woman have a faithless husband", or" how to live with faitless husband"...and google throw out this preccious page.

Me and my husband doesn't came into marriage because of love each others, but because of my need and he help me slowly this became - understand, right? In that time i became believer and born again, but he doesnt. You know...i felt all this time like i carry him on my shoulders for faith. BUT....from our wedding is past 11 years and i have in those years so much to learn about all.I realize that he is not so bad and against me how i was thinking,but that my pride was so big....

So, why i write all these??shore because of many couragement on your's writing and many good answers to my questions which bothers me a many years...and because i felt like i'm alone a woman who have those problems...and if i will keep all this in my, like a some secred, it will be much more difficult each day i live... BUT, especcially this writing - "who are we really fighting" (from an older post on spiritual warfare) remind me on something big in my life.

Not so long, before maybe 1 on 2 year ago, our marriage was still bad and it look like it will be worst and worst...and one day we are argue and more than argue, and Ivica(in english John) said that he would kill me...because every argue was the same i became to look him and be angry on him because he doesn't believe like me, so i became to see him negative and that is enough for him to see that i look him that way, they feel this, right? and of course, he have his negative things and when this two have join together there is BUMMMMMMMMMM!!! Maybe my case is a uttermost, but i have to be honest, because i know it will help others maybe who will read this... So, on that day we fight and argue and he said that he will kill me and our youngest son scream no, daddy don't kill mammy....when i was heard this, i stopedd, and Ivica too.It was to much!

I stopped and start honestly searching answers, because i was thinking of me as a believer and i know that my Father love me and my family and i ask myself - is this will of my Father who sent His only beggotten Son to die for all people in the world because He love them???? And for me? And like many other times i realize that i again forget on such important thing - devil!!! In one secong thru my head fly a like some idea or picture how devil and his demons seat in our house , laughinh how Ivica and i fight, and he beat me, how kids are lonely and hurt with all that, and what kind are we picture to our neighbours...(and i i'm a christian...)

And in one second, with tears still in my eyes and with my hair in mess, i could allmoust fell how devil was laughing and how he is satisfied, and i was imagine how we, people are like a litlle puppet on thread, you know what i mean? like people stay behing a curtain and just pull the thread, and puppet movin exactly like man wants? Just like this me and my dear husband was, and i believe a many couples, married in faith or whithaut it.

And after that i stand i speak with a loud voice this( and after this our marriage is 100% changed) - Now, listen to me devil and all yours demons, you will not tuch my marriage any more.You have us till now, but from now on your rule on our marriage is FINISH!!! From now on you will not put even your one finger on us ,our marrige, or every each of us, or our children, nowhere.i dont give you nothing, milimetar.Our's Lord from now is Jesus Christ who died for us. And from that on, our marriage, or we as a individuals are different.God is healed everything what our boys are watching, and going thru!

Praise to be the Lord God, Jesus Christ! And i write this, open my heart because myself was at the bottom, i have a thoughts how to runaway from marriage, but i have not strenght because of children, and in the same time i was wondering how that can be - i know Jesus loved me and promise me a good thigs an in the other hand only the bad things what happen? Thruth is that we must know the Thruth and declare it.Our God is bigger than enything else, our unbelievin husbands, or even us like "believers"...

From that time on Holy Spirit teaches me one lesson which i think is most powerfull in marriage . accept your husband or wife totally, complete.Jesus said it like this - Love another like you love yourself!!!So, if God has loved and love me excatly how i'm, i MUST love my husband excatly like he is...this is something beautifull and gives a full freedom and give freedom to Holy Spirit to work. Its not easy, but it's the only way. And on the end, message to all sisters which have a "unbelieving" husbands...God's command is the same- Love him Like I love you.!!! I love you and i'm happy to see that i'm not alone! Sorry for the mistakes in writing, my english is bad. God bless you all in Jesu's name! Đurđa


Durda, we love you our sister in the Lord. We are praying for you and feel so encouraged by your faith. Thank you. With deep love Lynn, Dineen and the entire Community here at SUM.

Leave Durda a word of encouragement. Hugs, Lynn

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