More Than Just Waiting, Part 2
Weekend Devo — Blow Away Again...By You

Grace and Mercy

Hey Everyone, 

I’m writing this on a Thursday morning. 

After arriving home from Little Rock, I’ve been balancing school meetings, back to school was Wednesday, my son and his girlfriend arrived for a visit, my daughter dropped a quart jar of salsa on her toe, spent the day in urgent care, canned another 10 quarts of salsa and wasted a few hours watching Big Brother (Don’t judge me. It’s a weird obsession this summer, go figure?????) 

Whew! I’m overwhelmed just writing about it all. 

Needless to say, my friends, I’m running a tad behind. More than anything I want to reply to the comments that were left here way back on August 6th and every day since then. I have read them but just haven’t had time to sit down and type for several hours. 

I’m thinking I’m going to save my next post in this series for next week and do the right thing today. I need to spend time with my son today as he will be leaving tonight. I think a beach trip is just what we all need. So please forgive me for leaving you hanging. He brought along some big, BIG news. More on that later…. 

I hope to reply to some of your comments from the past two weeks tomorrow as I will be sitting in the urgent care once again. There seems to be an annoying pain in my right arm that will not go away. Time to have an x-ray. 

For all of you who left your play lists on Monday, a GIANT THANK YOU. I will be listening to your suggestions all weekend long. Some of you emailed songs to me, AWESOME. I loved them all. Here is a photo from Brie. 

Beach Florida
Brie said, “Thank you for your beautiful blog post on Worship! I've discovered it’s the way I can publicly display my thanks to God with others who share this belief. I wake up, gulp my coffee, grab my toddler and take off to the beach while listening to the most amazing music that lifts my heart & soul.

I am sending you a pic (in the following email) of how God greets me in the morning! I feel his presence so so so much when I start my day like this. 

I just give him my worries, my heart and praise Him for all he's done in my life.” 

My friends, I know it may be difficult to carve out time in your busy, busy lives but the message I’m hearing from so many who enjoy a rich and vibrant relationship with Jesus is; He is worth every minute we give. 

Thank you for loving me in my everyday life, the busy, the weird, the BIG news, the pain in my arm. But mostly, thank you for loving Jesus and for being the salt and light in this dark, dark world. I promise you this. Every hour you live for Jesus in front of your unbelieving spouse and your children IS NOT WASTED. God's will is being accomplished. His love is trampling the darkness. His purposes will come to pass in you and your spouse. 

Thank you for loving me and your prayers. I’m a bit nervous about this whole arm business. See you Monday. 

I leave you with another question. Am I the only one who looks like a crazy woman driving in my car and singing out loud, sometimes with my arm in the air? Anyone??? 

*grin* Lynn

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