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Hi Everyone, 

FltToday Dineen and I will be flying to Little Rock, Arkansas. We will be meeting Dennis Rainey, President of FamilyLife and host of the syndicated broadcast, FamilyLife Today as well as the co-host, Bob Lepine, Chief Content Officer. We’ve been invited to a taped interview that will be two hours long, and will be recorded at the offices in Little Rock, AR.   During that time we are privileged to discuss our latest book, “Winning Him Without Words.” 

On Tuesday we will spend the morning with the staff of FamilyLife Today in their chapel service where Max Lucado will bring the message. After that we will join the broadcast team, Max and his wife along with another guest for lunch. (I still can’t believe this)

After lunch we will head into the studio to share the hope we have for our marriage, for your marriage and for a world who needs hope through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

We are beyond astonished over this opportunity and filled with a humble gratitude to our Lord.   

To think we have another tremendous opportunity to reach out to another believer who feels lonely, lost and stuck in a mismatched marriage and then point them to the hope of Jesus, simply leaves me undone. 

My friends, as you may remember, I was quite nervous recording our interview at Focus on the Family. So, may I meekly ask for your prayers today? Pray that Jesus fills our hearts, minds and tongues with His words and that all nervousness will flee during our interview tomorrow. Pray for our travel and all the details that must happen. Pray for this vital ministry, FamilyLife Today, as they are reaching people with the love of Christ. 

I know many of you first found us through a radio interview through broadcasts such as Focus on the Family and The Moody Broadcast Network. Many of you found us through a desperate internet search or you found us through our book, Winning Him Without Words. 

So today, as we travel together toward Little Rock, it would thrill our hearts if you would leave in the comments how you came to find our humble community here on the web. Dineen and I will be checking in regularly and we will pray for you by name. 

We love all of you so much with a genuine heart. I long for the day that I will meet you face-to-face. 

Okay, see you in the comments. 

AND, on Friday I will share with you my daily worship experience and how that worship brings me into God's astonishing and life-changing presence. If you struggle in this area, I KNOW this post will inspire you. AND, I’m all about the practical. We will share with each other practical ideas to help one another in this area. 

BIG hugs from the skies, Lynn and Dineen too! 


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