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Weekend Devo — We Are Not Alone!

On Wednesday I was on the Moms Together Facebook Page (special thanks to Suzie Eller for having me) and the most common comment I saw as the women there shared their hearts about being mismatched was their relief to find out they're not alone.

As I shared in our book, that was life changing for me, to discover that other women were walking the same path I was. There is just something uplifting and encouraging about finding others who are on the same journey and understand our challenges.

What I love most is God's heart in all this. He knew our need for community and support and put this ministry into motion for all of us to find encouragement and strength—to find God in the midst of our marriages and reject the enemy's lie that we are alone and God has abandoned us.

I love our SUM Community so much because here is where we get to see God in action in each other’s lives. I love how we pray for each other and cheer one another on. I love how our hearts are united in our desires to know God better, to understand His will for our lives and our marriages, and to see our pre-believers come to Jesus. Not for our benefit but for theirs—to know the amazing, loving and merciful God we know. 

Lynn and I consider this faith walk an adventure of a lifetime. We are so glad to be on the journey with you, dear friends. Let's celebrate this amazing community of believers as God's testimony to His deep love and care for our needs.

We are most certainly NOT alone.

Praying & believing,

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