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Weekend Devo — All the Fishies in the Sea

FishI saw this SUV on the freeway the other day and had my daughter take a picture of the back. I wish you could have seen me trying to catch up with this vehicle to snap a picture. I promise no animals, people, or fish were harmed in the process. 

Seeing these symbols made me wonder all kinds of things though, and in just the flash of a moment.

Did these symbols encompass the entire family?

Did you earn your fish and place above the bumper once you said yes to Jesus?

Did this family "swim" in harmony and faith?

What did this family of faith look like?

Yeah, lots of questions and most of them not really important for me to know. I was suddenly in that place of comparing and wondering how my family measured up. That old ach and longing tried to make a come back, but I fended it off with the truth that God created all the fishies in the sea to swim in thier own unique ways.

And you know what, that includes our unbelievers, or as I'm coming to think more of my hubby—prebelievers. He's a fish. He just doesn't know it yet. LOL!

So instead of this now being an image of what I don't have, I choose to see it as a promise of what's to come. And I'm planning on some of those little fishies being my future grandchildren because I trust God to continue the legacy of faith in my family that He started with me.

Let's dream big, my friends. God style—for all the fishies soon to be. 

Praying & believing,


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