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News and Updates!


Just a couple of updates, dear friends. See below:


From Dineen: So many of you participated during the week of The Soul Saver unveiling. Well... (drum roll please) I've written three new scenes as part of my new e-book, The Making of The Soul Saver.

Just like DVDs have that extra disc with special features, The Making of The Soul Saver has lots of extras. Some you've read, much you haven't, like those three new scenes about what's going on in Hugh and Lexie's life now, how Nate is doing in China and what's happening with Jenna and David.

It's my gift to you for signing up for my mailing/newsletter list. This is a separate list from our SUM newsletter and good way to keep in touch with me about what's going on with my fiction writing. That way I don't take valuable time and space from our SUM site here.

Just click HERE to join my news list (I promise to treat your information with complete respect and only send an occasional newsletter), confirm your email address in the email you receive (California requires I do this), then you will be taken to my thank you window which has the link to download the e-book.

I hope you love the new scenes! Let me know what you think! 
Love you all dearly!


From Lynn: I'm still traveling and missing you all! Monday I have something profound to share about how God sees us as His priests on Earth. Do you know who King Melchizedec was and why he matters to us today? Come back Monday and be prepared to have your socks knocked off (if you're wearing any. Grin!) I can't wait to share this with you!
Love and hugs!


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