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LIft Up Your Face

In case you haven't figured this out yet, I'm a huge Third Day fan. I find their music so worship-filled and inspiring. And when I listen to music like that, I begin to hear God's voice. Seems to just work that way for me. For Lynn, it's her prayer walks. For me it's music.

Another song from the same album (Move) as the one I shared over the weekend is "Lift Up Your Face." I fell in love with this song first because it spoke to my heart about God's pursuit of us but then it became more. It spoke to me of God's pursuit of our prebelievers.

Lift up your face.

Lift up your face.

Salvation is calling.

Salvation is calling.

We've talked a lot about keeping our focus on Jesus, that our true hope lies in Him, not in our circumstances and not in our spouse's decision to accept Jesus or not.

As I listened to it again this weekend, I heard God speak even more clearly than what I had been sensing. He said,

"Tell them I'm calling."

God wants us to know He’s calling to our prebelievers with HIS salvation! We need only lift our face to Him and trust He's doing it. Listen to the words of this song, my friends. Can you hear Him calling?

Lifting up my face,
(I have to share that I prayed and asked God to confirm to me that I'd heard Him correctly. As I got in my car two days later and maneuvered rush hour traffic, this song came on the radio and flooded me with God's reassurance. He is so faithful!)

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