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Kingdom Authority... But how do I get it?

Hi Everyone, 

KinofI’m filled with so much I want to share with you that I’m fit to be tied. I want to blurt it all out all at once because it’s so exciting. I’m bouncing in my seat to share with you what I know about God, His Kingdom and much, much more. 

So what I need to ask of you is to walk patiently with me through this story because we have a ton to learn along the way. And I promise you that it’s the ending, when all we have learned, will suddenly pull together in a giant astounding crescendo, which will freak you out. So when there are posts that seem not to move you or appear insignificant, hold on to them. Read them carefully and remember all that we cover because each is a stepping stone that builds upon one another. Okay hope that helps. 

Do you have a royalty mentality or a poverty or slave perspective? 

Can I just stop here. Let me try to put into words at what happened in the comments on Monday. Honesty…. Authenticity…. Hope….. Love….. Support… A real desire to grow closer to God. All of that and more came through in your answers to the question above. You, my friends, are amazing people of God who are tired of living mediocre lives and are willing to be honest and authentic to throw off all that hinders you to discover the great things God has for your life. 

I’m overwhelmed at what you shared. At your honest answers. I took every one of you to the throne room with me, pleading with Jesus at my side for you to receive a fresh glimpse of God’s power and love in your life. So hold on because He will not disappoint. 

Okay onward. 

A royalty mentality is a person who knows their authority. They expect to be respected and things to happen when they are present. They also know their place and responsibilities and they obey. 

A poverty perspective or slavery mentality is a person who can struggle at times with authority, priority, and would likely to have an excuse or hesitation to execute responsibility as well as an aversion to take a risk for the Kingdom. 

Now I think we all struggle in and out of both of these and I have so much more to share about our royalty. But, to set the stage of why royalty mentality is so important we must first understand that there is a Kingdom. There is a heavenly Kingdom of God that has existed since before time began. Every kingdom has a king, it has a people, it has an army, it has laws, it has a religion and a priest and it has a language. 

And if you have read any amount of the Old Testament you will quickly realize kingdoms battle. Since the beginning of time the kingdoms battle and it is no different today. Except our kingdom battle is not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12) we battle against pornography, alcoholism, anger, infidelity, lies and much more.   

So I ask you today. What kingdom battle are you fighting for yourself or your family? 

What I want to explore over the next several weeks is how we fight these kingdom battles with power and authority. I want us to discover in God’s Kingdom what brings victory to our battles and how we tap into that? 

It starts with a royal mentality. And what does that look like? Well to answer that question we need to go way back into time. All the way back to Genesis 14. To make this study personally powerful, open up your Bible and read this chapter. 

What is happening in this chapter? A Battle between kingdoms. Lot, the nephew of Abram, and all of Lot’s family and belongings are taken as plunder by the four kingdoms at war against the other five united kingdoms.  

Why is this important? Because these united kingdoms are comprised of thousands and thousands of men. And Abram sets out to rescue Lot with 318 trained men born in his household. 

Trained men. Trained when translated is disciple. These were men of God trained by Abram who prayed and worshiped God. So what happened? Abram, attacked, defeated and then recovered all the goods including Lot and his possessions and family. 

A mere 318 men defeated this vast army. Do you think they acted with authority? Do you know whose authority? Did you know that today, believers such as us, also have this kind of authority? 

We, in fact, do have this kind of authority but we have been deceived to believe otherwise. We are going to learn and experience how we grab this authority to win our kingdom battles. 

Darn it! I’ve already run way long and haven’t even touched on the King of Salem. I promise, promise on Monday we will talk about him. 

Today, in the comments share with me your kingdom battle. You can leave your name or be anonymous. I will share with you I’m fighting a battle with my stomach and discipline or lack thereof in this area of my life, wich is so puzzling in that I’m highly disciplined in other areas. This is one of my Kingdom battles.

I want to pray for you and I also ask you to pray for the person who leaves a comment before you. If you are first, then pray for me. If you are second, pray for the person who prayed for me… Okay… Please do this as part of the process, learning to pray with power and intercessory prayer. Trust me on this okay. 

So, King Melchizedek… Who in the heck is King Melchizedek? I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing his name correctly. But on Monday we will talk in detail about this king and add another piece to our growing journey as we step one more step closer to God’s Kingdom here on earth and the authority of Christ. 

I love you. I will be fighting for you and your kingdom battles today. Be filled with His Spirit because WE WIN!!!!!!  BIG hugs, Lynn

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