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Woo Hoo!!! I’m home. My friends, I love to visit family but I also am so happy to come home. I visited my mother in Grand Junction, CO. My daughter, son and his girlfriend joined us. My mom’s tiny house was filled with people. We had 10 days, crammed-packed with adventures. Below is a photo I took while we rafted the Colorado River. Can you see the Bald Eagle in the tree with its young?


Anyhoo, while visiting I attended Canyon View Church and met June Fellhauer who was the guest speaker. She Rocked it. My visit with her was a divine appointment. God has impressed upon me to share her insights. So, we are going to take a journey through time. 

We will visit some of our favorite people in the Bible while on our voyage. We will also visit some who are obscure and talk about some pretty deep spiritual truths. At the end of our travels we will understand with new revelations our vital role in the Kingdom of God. We will see things differently and we will understand why we struggle in our relationship with God at times. And what’s exciting is we will learn how we can turn that around and live in the power and authority of Christ. 

We will do great things. GREAT THINGS! 

All for Him. 

Finally we will grasp something fantastic. God’s Kingdom come to earth. We will recognize when He moves in our lives. We will see miracles. We will be vessels of His healing, real Biblical healings. We will see people saved from an eternity in hell. And we will understand how we, the ordinary people of God, are interracially involved. We will have God’s healing power and ability to love people and change lives in the power and name of Jesus. 

God has called this community to step up and step out. So get ready my friends for one of the most astonishing explorations you have ever walked with the Lord. This summer you will leave this journey changed. 

Let’s get started then.

I have a single question for you to ponder today: 

Do you have a royalty mentality or a poverty perspective?


Be honest with yourself as you answer because this is where we start. 

Now in the comments I want you to leave me your answer. There is NO JUDGMENT in this place, only love. Your honest assessment will bring healing and truth that God is desperate for you to have. 

Tell me what immediately came into your mind as your answer. If you don’t understand this questions or whatever your thoughts, share with me in the comments. 

More than anything I’m asking you today to commit to Jesus to travel this summer to the conclusion of our quest. Commit to remain faithful to the process and revelations ahead of you. So leave a comment with your answer, your thoughts, prayers and then tell me…. 

I’M IN! 

Let’s rock this world with God's healing. 

Let’s set the captives free with life-changing truth. 

Let’s worship God with such power that people will look upon our face and KNOW we have stood in the very presence of God. 

Amen.  AMEN! 


Are you ready? 

I love you with BIG, GIANT, powerful, amazing God sized hugs, Lynn

Be back Friday as our first stop is in an ancient Kingdom where we will meet a King who is a mystery. We will step into the Kingdom of Salem. 

Woo Hoo, Can’t wait. See you in the comments. 

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