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Spiritual Warfare, Part 3: The Rest of Our Armor

We Believe In Miracles for Gina

More than a year ago God began to push me about. “Lynn, I’m waiting for you, Dineen and the entire community of SUM to do a great work for me.”


Let me tell you that I didn’t want to listen. I had an inkling of what God may have wanted after our enormous success from the Kingdom assignment several years ago. However, I felt unprepared to follow through. I felt awkward asking our community to join us. However, a few months ago God began to point out some areas in my character that needed work. And it’s been quite a journey. I have so much to talk with you about how God is revealing His perspective in my life.

Stay tuned because those stories are worth a visit. In fact, I’m going to tell my first story next Monday. It’s about a pit-bull, the devil and those various Shades of Grey (pun intended) that we grapple with in our faith walk.

But today is a very special day because I’ve waited a long time for today. It’s a new day where the community of believers join together to be part of God’s miracles.

And today’s miracle is Gina.

Gina and Caitie

This is Gina. She is a 17 year old high school Junior. And today, Tuesday, June 5th is a day where her entire life could change forever.

Why is God bringing Gina to our community today? What is her miracle? The answers to these questions are on our We Believe in Miracles page. Click here or on the sidebar and join the thousands who want to not only see a miracle but be part of the miracle. ~Lynn

We love you our friends of SUM. You are so important and we pray for you and ask God to bring you a miracle. Lynn and Dineen

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