Spiritual Warfare, Part 2: Your Bible is Really a Sword

Today I say Goodbye

Today I say a tearful goodbye to all of my co-writers at Laced With Grace and tell them I love them.

I say goodbye to all of you who faithfully stopped in to spend your precious time with me. I love each of you. I expect to meet each of your face-to-face at the throne of Grace where we will hug and laugh with glee because God allowed us to share life together here on earth even if it was in this amazing world of the web. I love you deeply.

I treasure you Iris and Laurie and all of my past and present co-writers.

Mostly I love and adore Jesus. To Him all glory, honor and praise belong. Be blessed, Lynn Some of my Favorites:


To read my Goodbyes and some of the my all-time favorite and best stories, visit Laced With Grace.

Laced With Grace

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