Fresh Start SUMMER
Summer With My BFF


Today we are continuing our Summer reads suggestions. We told you that we are committed to help other authors in the same way so many helped us last year when we launched our book, Winning Him Without Words.

We have some great books for you to consider for your summer. Today meet one of my oldest writer friends. Jenny Smith and I "accidentally" met at the She Speaks conference several years ago. She has a great book, Seriously God? I'm Doing Everything I Know to Do and It's Not Working. 

Seriouslygod"Our house was going into foreclosure, we were moving into a rental house, and God didn't seem to care. We had thought he would come through. He didn't."

Jenny's family faced foreclosure, job loss, the anxiety of no health insurance, and having to learn adapt to a different income bracket, like so many other families. Seriously, God? is not just a book title but the question our hearts are struggling with in these uncertain times.

Join Jenny as she shares her journey of discovering who Jesus said he is and the impact this knowledge had on the early church. Believers like us, who were on a roller coaster that jerked them around and pushed them to dizzying heights, only to plunge them to the depths, over and over--that's what this journey is about, a depth of relationship with God that, even as we stand smack-dab in the middle of life, we have a strong and steady faith!


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