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Weekend Devo — The Power of Dogs

ShastawithBallYes, you read that correctly. I'm talking about dogs today. There is just something about these furry critters that intrigue me. I haven't always been a dog person but after witnessing the HUGE impact our precious Shasta has had on my youngest daughter as she battled first depression and then cancer, I am a true believer that dogs are a special gift from God. My daughter is quick to point out that dog spelled backwards is God, after all. (grin)

Think about your special pet and now imagine God specifically creating that furry creature (or scaled, feathered or whatever defines your pet of choice) with you in mind. Our God is that intentional! Can you believe it? He didn't have to make these furry little critters. He chose to because God loves to delight us.

Now go love on that critter of yours (or your neighbor's if you don't have one) and praise God for thinking of every detail to provide and delight His children.

Praying and believing,

*Photography credit for this cute picture of our Shasta goes to my brother-in-law, Don Miller, whose talent with a camera is amazing!

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